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Ever wanted to try new professional products for your hair but the limited time to shop and the price-tag got in the way?

The Limetree Hair Clinic we have developed a way to remedy just that.

They provide a handpicked selection of luxury professional only products that will not only be delivered straight to your door every month as a little gift to yourself, but keep you bang on trend with the very best picks each month from their expert team. As if that wasn’t enough each box that arrives to you is hand wrapped meticulously and will have a heavily discounted value on the original retail prices. To make things even easier for you, you can sign up to subscribe for varying plans so that once your one off payment has been received, you can sit back and relax and wait for your luxury treat to arrive each month.

The Limebox gives you a way of receiving professional only haircare products with a sizable discount off the retail price tag. Not only that, but they are handpicked by the Limetree Hair Clinic’s in-house experts to be in keeping with the latest hair trends of the season, which they tell you all about in the letter that comes with your Limebox.

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I should start by saying that I am not obsessed with my hair and I don’t typically spend hours primping every morning before leaving for work. Having said that, I think healthy-looking shiny hair totally changes the way a person comes across at first glance and I’m always on the look-out for interesting new products to try.

The Limebox arrived at my door clad in a standard brown box with adorable round stickers that give it personality and made the postman ask me what on earth I’d ordered (with a laugh). When you open the parcel you realize the need for the packaging – the Limebox itself is a gorgeous clean white box with a simple sticker to brand it. It’s sturdy and closes with a magnetic strip across the front that lightly snaps into place. It was the perfect re-usable storage box and I was already sold on it’s pristine white look.

Limebox - just the box

Inside, the products come beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and green filler. Two letters accompany the products: one explains the concept of the Limebox and the other tells you about this season’s trend and what the products are in the box (in detail, including retail prices) as well as how to use them.

Limebox - open with two letters       Limebox - open with two letters

This month, the theme was ‘Mermaid Waves’ inspired by the Spring 2014 hair trends and the products came from two huge brands: Moroccanoil and the newly launched TIGI PRO.

I was definitely excited to see Moroccanoil as I see this brand everywhere and hadn’t had a chance to try it yet. The product was the Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray (50ml, RRP £9.65) which is a finishing spray that “attracts and reflects light” to give hair a gorgeous gloss” as well as protecting it from the elements. Having tried it a couple of times, this product works a lot better on styled hair than on got-out-of-the-shower-in-a-rush-and-let-it-air-dry hair but there’s still something to it. All in all, I was happy to have finally tried a Moroccanoil product even though I didn’t have the time to look into them and decide what to buy myself – this was all super convenient.

There were two more products in my box: a full size shampoo (355ml, RRP £11.50) and conditioner (355ml, RRP £12.50) from the brand new TIGI PRO brand. These were for coloured hair but specifically noted that they also enhanced the colour vibrancy of natural hair. I wasn’t a fan of the conditioner as my hair didn’t feel particularly soft afterwards but the shampoo did it’s job in terms of leaving my hair feeling clean.

Limebox with Moroccanoil and TIGI PRO products

I have to say that although it’s great that you get full size products, but I was a little disappointed that there were no additional samples in the box. One big reason for subscribing to monthly boxes is being able to try out lots of new products you may not have heard of or not had a chance to try out. One or two samples would go a long way to increase the excitement that the Limebox would generate, especially if they have the bad luck of having one full size product that doesn’t quite work as expected!

However, there were some very big pluses here: I was definitely very impressed with the presentation of the box, the value for money (according to the RRPs provided by the Limetree Hair Clinic)  and how the products picked would be useful for most types of hair.



£20.00 per box plus postage & packaging, when paid on a monthly or 3 month subscription plan.

There is a £10.00 total saving with a 6 month subscription and a £20.00 total saving with a 12 month subscription.


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