LifeBox – Energy March 2019

LifeBox is a monthly collection of natural snacks, drinks and ingredients to support a healthy lifestyle. All items in the Lifebox Classic are vegan, and gluten and dairy free. It costs from £22.95 per month, including postage.

This box is the Energy version, which is designed to support activity and recovery for both men & women. There might be occasional items which are not vegan in this version of the box, but it’s very rare.

The box has grown in size the last couple of months! They’re managing to fit even more goodies inside.

Everything inside the box is nicely presented wrapped in tissue. Now usually there would be a menu card and booklet on top, but I think this month there was a little slip and it was left out. You can see examples in other reviews, but the booklet usually contains some fun recipes often using items from the box itself.

As for the menu card, I’m relying more on Google more than usual, but I’ll still be able to tell you what everything is!

Superfood Bakery Morning Dreamers Pancake Mix is a all natural and organic gluten free mix. It includes baobab powder, which is pretty nutrient dense as well as containing lots of fibre. The mix can can be made into pancakes (American style) or waffles. All you need to add is eggs and any kind of milk, perfect for anyone who is dairy free! Very handy to have in the cupboard.

Here is a bag of Eloments Organic Vitamin Tea. Vitamin tea is getting pretty popular, and one of the notable features of this one is that all the vitamins are from natural sources rather than synthetic. The tea is also all organic. A great way to get a vitamin boost with your morning cuppa!

Deliciously Ella Nut Butter Balls are a really handy snack to keep in your bag. They’re also really delicious, a ball of cacao and dried fruit filled with salty almond butter. Yummy!

It’s really unusual to see a protein supplement with isn’t full of artificial additives. The Fruit Whey produces whey protein flavoured only with freeze dried fruit and a tiny  bit of stevia. It’s a great way to include carbs in your protein shake in the most natural way possible. It’s also refreshing to taste natural strawberry rather than the usual dodgy flavourings!

Wilde Nuts Cacao Crunch is ridiculously delicious. This granola is organic, vegan, and grain free, and tastes incredibly whether it’s on its own or sprinkled on yogurt. It’s also raw, so preserves the nutrients in the nuts and seeds. Really, really good and incredibly moreish!

Another granola, this time Spoon Cinnamon and Pecan Granola. This works really well with milk, though of course you could also sprinkle it on yogurt or even add it to crumble. It’s sweetened with honey and maple syrup, and there is no refined sugar or artificial additives.

Cookies are delicious but generally not very good for you. But the Wholey Moly Cacao & Orange Cookie is definitely a healthy treat! No refined sugar, natural ingredients, and vegan, this is a great sweet treat! It’s not low-calorie, rather like eating a granola bar or similar, but it’s big and filling, you definitely couldn’t manage more than one!

One Earth Rejuvenate Your Soul is a nutrient boost powder.

It can be added to, well, almost anything, from drinks to baked goods. It provides a terrific boost of vitamins and nutrients.

Here’s another handy portable snack! Navitas Organics Hemp Peanut Superfood and Snack Bar. This bar is organic and gluten free as well as vegan, and while it’s quite sweet, it’s a nice little something to have on hand.

This is a really impressive supplement for digestive health. Biomed Live Cultures capsules contain probiotics, among other things such as turmeric and ginger extracts that also support gut health, and unusually, they are heat stable, which means they can be stored at room temperature. This is particularly useful for travelling, or if you just don’t have space in your fridge!

Finally, one more handy portable snack, Brain Works Berry & Nut Bar. As well as being made with natural ingredients, it’s also high in Omega-3, hence the name of the brand!

Like I said, I didn’t get the menu or booklet this month, but it’s no big deal, as all the information is easily available online, plus it’s useful to check out additional nutritional info as well.

This month we’ve definitely been spoiled for granola! Two different but equally delicious versions of nutty crunchy goodness, which will take care of morning cereal and yogurt toppings for quite a while!

I really like the nutrient powder too, it’s really easy to add it to anything, and you only need a teaspoon. Pancake and waffle mixes are very convenient to have in the cupboard, and I really like they are more nutrient-dense than your average mix, not to mention organic.

This month’s box is exceptional value too, the Live Cultures capsules alone cost £29.99, and you’ve got all the other bars, boxes, and powders!

LifeBox is excellent at selecting items which are all natural and help to support a healthy lifestyle. It’s also really handy for discovering new products, especially if you don’t have easy access to a health food store.




Our score: 9.4/ 10

A really impressive selection this month, lots of healthy and delicious goodies, plus really useful supplements.

  • Quality of products9
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products9

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