• Activities for kids
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Splendid activities and games for kids (3-7 years) delivered to your home monthly in our cute Lalabox. Subscribe and enjoy your free time, as most of the games can be played without parents.

Inspired by enormous energy and curiosity of children, this subscription boxes is created with various activities.

What is inside Lalabox?

  • In each box you’ll get 4-6 activities (Lalabox Standard) or 6-8 activities (Lalabox Premium) for the whole month.
  • Most of the games can be played by children without parents’ help. So, have a rest!
  • Each box comes with easy to follow instructions for every activity.
  • Don’t waste time on choosing games and activities for kids in online shops – they’ve already prepared everything for you!
  • Excitement, surprise and a happy face each month your child receives the box!
Lalabox Premium
Lalabox Standard

Lalabox was created with the intention to help children develop and allow their parents to have some splendid free time.

During the pandemic, the creator faced huge problems prizing her daughter away from electronic gadgets and television. She realised then that only a variety of challenging yet entertaining activities could involve her in the activity of playing exciting games off the online world.

What’s more, parenthood is pleasant but sometimes hard work, so it’s neccessary to have some time to yourself.

She therefore created Lalabox – attractive to both kids and parents, as most of the games can be played without parental involvement.

Having pedagogical experience, and being devoted to her family and her child, all the activities are geared towards:

  • education
  • experimentation
  • physical activities
  • creativity and painting
  • super fun toys and activities

They’ve created the most exciting gift boxes for kids from 3 to 7 years old with all kinds of entertainments and games that will help children to express and develop creativity and parents to have a free time while their kids are busy.

Subscribe to Lalabox and each month you will get a new box with new activities. You can also try a standard box without subscription. They are extremely devoted and responsible to our sets and test thoroughly each item.

7 Reasons to choose Lalabox:

1. Educational, as our activities help to develop various skills.
2. Convenience – we gathered different toys, activities, games for your child which will be delivered to your doors monthly with simple instructions.
3. Kids can play games again and again during the whole month.
4. Most of the games can be played without parental help, you can devote your free time for a rest or work.
5. Our offline activities help to prize kids away from electronic gadgets and television.
6. Eco- conscious. Each box is made of recyclable cardboard and even our lose fill packing is biodegradable!
7. Super fun and exciting! Each time kids open the box is a special experience full of curiosity and joy.

Try Lalabox – your kid will love it!

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  • Activities for kids
  • From £29



  • Activities for kids
  • From £29