KiwiCo – Koala Crate: Reptiles

Penny recently received her first-ever Koala Crate from KiwiCo. KiwiCo produces wonderful STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) related project boxes full of engaging and creative activities tailored to your child’s age. There are currently eight lines available; choose the one suitable for your child’s age range and interest, choose your subscription plan (can be paused or cancelled at any time) and have your kids monthly crate delivered to your door.

KiwiCo - Koala Crate: Reptiles

The Koala Crate is designed with ages 2-4 in mind. Each crate is full of activities relating to a specif theme. This month’s theme was reptiles. Inside her crate were two booklets; one for the ‘Grownup Assistant’ containing the easy-to-follow instructions and the other was the ‘Imagine! Play & Learn Magazine for Kids’. The magazine contained puzzles, a short story about ‘Kellan the Koala’, more arts & crafts ideas and book recommendations to extend your little one’s understanding.

KiwiCo - Koala Crate: Reptiles

The crate contained all the materials and inspiration to create a stuffed snake friend, a colour-changing chameleon & a turtle box. As a parent, I was incredibly impressed with how engaging and well-thought-out these actives were. I was expecting a few arts and craft activities inside but these were full projects designed to really challenge Penny and get her thinking. As soon as I opened the create I could tell there was the potential for hours of learning, making, discussing and playing inside.

KiwiCo - Koala Crate: ReptilesKiwiCo - Koala Crate: ReptilesKiwiCo - Koala Crate: Reptiles

Stuffed Snake Friend

Materials: Fleece snake body, felt hexagon stickers, felt eye stickers and a party horn.

This was the activity Penny was most excited about! Stuffing the snake proved a little difficult but the instructions provided lots of tips to help us along the way. Penny absolutely adores her snake and loved how she could wrap it around her neck and blow the party horn to make the tongue stick out to scare her daddy.

KiwiCo - Koala Crate: ReptilesKiwiCo - Koala Crate: Reptiles

Colour-changing Chameleon

Materials: colour-changing chameleon template, wiggly eyes, 3x bug stands and another party horn.

As Penny’s favourite film is Disney’s Tangled, she was very happy that she had the opportunity to make her very own Pascal. This activity involved Penny blowing through the party horn to create a long tongue to knock down targets. The chameleon template was pre-cut and made from a material that changed colour in her hands. Real chameleons are known to change colour in different temperatures so this was a brilliant added touch.

KiwiCo - Koala Crate: Reptiles

Turtle Box

Materials: Box, felt turtle template, felt hexagon stickers, wiggle eyes and velcro dots.

The final activity was to create an adorable turtle box to hide your treasures. This was a very straightforward project which allowed Penny to take the lead. She made a pattern with the felt shapes and stuck down all the elements. The velcro dots on the turtle’s feet allowed you to fold it’s head and feet underneath so the ‘turtle’ could hide when there’s a predator nearby.

Our score: 10.0/ 10

We loved the reptile crate as it was full of challenging and hands-on projects that kept us both excited and intrigued for hours. The activities fueled Penny's natural curiosity of the world and got those little cogs turning whilst allowing her to learn at her own pace, without getting frustrated or needing adult interference every two seconds. The projects empowered her to take charge and think things through whilst engaging her imagination.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10

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