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*This subscription box company has closed its doors as of May 2014 and is no longer in operation. We’ll leave this listing up as a historical record!*

Kitchen Nomad is a new subscription service that delivers speciality products and recipes from around the world to your door. Their vision is to offer customers a convenient opportunity to discover world cuisine and cook new recipes in their own kitchen.

Each month, Kitchen Nomad will select a different country of the world, carefully source 7-10 speciality products authentic products, include 5/6 authentic recipes from that country written by their partner chefs, and add some interesting information about the culinary habits and customs of the country in focus.

You subscribe on the Kitchen Nomad website (there are a range of subscription options starting at £20 per month) then sit back and wait for your first delivery! When your box arrives, there is no way of knowing what is inside, or which country it is themed on, until you actually open it – it’s like Christmas every month for foodies! So expect brilliant surprises ahead, perfect to discover new tastes in your kitchen.

The box does not contain any fresh or perishable products such as meat or fresh vegetables, so you will need to supply these yourself. The upside of this is that you can choose when to cook the meals, rather than having to cook them within a day or two of receiving your box.

So far, Kitchen Nomad have opened kitchens to Greece, Vietnam, Lebanon, Pakistan, and Mexico. Watch out for their future boxes, what will you cook next?!

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*This subscription box company has closed its doors as of May 2014 and is no longer in operation. We’ll leave this listing up as a historical record!*

The Kitchen Nomad box is something special.  If you love cooking and you love trying international cuisines then this box if for you.


Often we get our boxes to test, open it up and dive right in to trying the foods.  This box was demanding better treatment.  It comes with 5 recipes for a three course meal  and  provides the hard to find and key non-perishable ingredients you need.  So, we’re having a dinner party.


We received the Greek box and we couldn’t resist eating the figs in advance and they were spectacular  (we’ll be buying more for our dinner party).  I’m especially excited to try the dolmades, I love a challenge!


Stay tuned for the full review of the contents after our dinner party.


[Edit 04/12/2013]

So here is the review after our dinner party:

We were so inspired by the ingredients in the Kitchen Nomad box that we decided we had to throw a dinner party.

All of the ingredients provided in the box were of the absolute best quality and flavour.  We followed the recipes provided with the box and shared some of the interesting cultural facts with each course of the meal.  The contents of the Kitchen Nomad box created the perfect foundation for a fabulous meal among friends.  If you love to cook & if you love international cuisine then this is a must have subscription box for you.

To start we had the Dukkah Spice Mix with bread and the Iliada Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Both were delicious, the olive oil was delicious on its own with fruity and grassy notes and when combined with the Dukkah spice it gave it a more hearty savoury flavour with cumin as a leading note.

photo 2

Next up were the dolmades made with the Zanae Vine Leaves and the Nature Kitchen Cassia Bark.  Making dolmades is not for the faint of heart.   This was by far the most labour intensive dish, but also the most rewarding at the end.  The recipe that was provided in the box was perfect and the compliments from our guests abounded.  For those new to cassia bark, it’s relatively similar to cinnamon although it has a sweeter and softer note to it.

photo 1

The recipe for the tart utilised the Sufinios Calamata Olives  and the Morphakis Greek Pickled Capers.  The olives were firm and perfectly salted, it was hard not to eat them all before putting them onto the tart.  The tart was an easy dish and both the olives and capers added a beautiful flavour.  Although for future use of these ingredients we’d recommend using them in something which doesn’t require cooking them in order to enjoy them fully.

For the main course we made a meatless version of the Youvetsi with Misko Orzo Pasta and the Cassia Bark.  Again, the recipe provided was fantastic.  Clearly written and easy to execute even with removing the meat component.  We then served this alongside the Prawn Saganaki which was made with the Odysea Organic Tomato Sauce.

To finish it off we made the Fig & Walnut Bake using the Dried Figs and Cassia Bark, this was an incredibly simple dessert to make and was delicious.  We served it with greek yoghurt, but all agreed vanilla ice cream would have sky rocketed this one to supremely delicious.

At the end of the night we were even happier with the box than when we first opened it.  We’ll be signing up for a long term subscription of this box.  Loved it!

*This subscription box company has closed its doors as of May 2014 and is no longer in operation. We’ll leave this listing up as a historical record!*

£22 (+ delivery) by Royal Mail

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