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Kingdom of Beauty®, a UK-based beauty retailer, has recently announced its brand-new beauty box subscription service. With individual boxes for men and women and three levels of luxury to choose from, the subscription service takes a monthly fee to deliver a selection of high-quality, branded products.

Luxurious beauty, makeup, fragrances, and bathing products – do you feel a sudden rush of excitement just thinking about these items?

But wait… there is a hint of sadness somewhere too, isn’t it?

Whenever we think about good-quality beauty and skincare products, our mind can’t help but remind us of their expensiveness, right?

Well, we’re sure most of you are nodding your head in the affirmative! And this is exactly why, at the Kingdom of Beauty, we have worked to bring an all-in-one extravagant box for all the beauty lovers and skin care enthusiasts out there.

With amazingly affordable prices, we are here to make you feel all luxurious and royal.

Each of the subscription boxes has an RRP value of over £20, £50, and £80. In every box, we offer you premium-quality products from different brands ranging from startups to some of the most popular ones. With these subscription boxes, you’re guaranteed to find a few new favourite products every month.

Each month, we choose some newly launched and a few best-selling branded makeup and skin care products to put together their monthly subscription box.

Brace yourself for some self-indulgence or get ready to treat someone special with the deluxe boxes.

And guess what! At Kingdom Of beauty, we have equally amazing and valuable subscription boxes for both women and men.

At Kingdom of Beauty, we believe that personal care and grooming isn’t gender specific. And so, we treat both men and women with equally special treats!

Subscription Boxes for Women

For all the beautiful women out there, we have a box that will give them the feeling of royalty. In each of the subscription boxes for women, you will get deluxe makeup, skincare, and hair care products, perfumes AND a complementary beauty bonus.

Ranging from makeup and skin care items to beauty tools and colour cosmetics, these subscription boxes have it all.

Our subscription boxes for women come in three different kingdom treasures, which include:

Monthly subscription (can be cancelled at any time).

1. The Princess Box

You can get your hands on the Princess Box for £10 + £2.95 P&P per month. This box has a value of over £20, giving you a chance to try some new makeup and beauty products as well as offering some of the best items from renowned brands.

2. The Queen Box

Our monthly Queen Box is for £30 + £2.95 P&P per month only, boasting a value of over £50. It includes cosmetic and beauty products from high-end brands that all beauty bloggers on Instagram are raving about! You also get to experiment with a few newly launched products – and choose your personal favourites from them.

3. The Tiara Box

The Tiara Box is the perfect subscription box for all those women who are obsessed with beauty. You can get this box worth over £80 on a monthly basis for £50 + £2.95 P&P per month only. If you want to step up your makeup and skin care game, this subscription box is a must-have kit!

Subscription Boxes for Men

With no discrimination whatsoever, we offer three different kingdom treasures for men as well.

1. The Prince Box

Sign up for the Prince Box for only £10 + £2.95 P&P per month. This box has a value of over £20 and is packed with a wide range of best-quality skin care and hair care products, body creams, and colognes.

2. The King Box

At £30 + £2.95 P&P per month. We invite you to experience royalty with the special King Box containing personal care and self-grooming items worth £50.

3. The Crown Box

For £50 + £2.95 P&P per month, we offer you an exclusive luxury box with a value over £80 called the Crown Box. This in-demand subscription box is exactly what you need this year to revamp your cupboards.

What’s More? Become a Royal Family Member.

Want to double the amount of surprises and special offers you get from us? Be a subscriber for 6 months straight and become a VIP at the Kingdom of Beauty.

They provide their royal family members with extra special treatment! Once you are a VIP, you get to enjoy exclusive members-only deals and offers from the best brands in the beauty world. You can also win free products by participating in giveaways and receive rewards to redeem code at the online shop.

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Kingdom Of Beauty

  • Luxurious beauty
  • From £10


Kingdom Of Beauty

  • Luxurious beauty
  • From £10