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Jogg Box feature imageJoggBox is the first monthly subscription box for runners and aspiring athletes in the UK. We specialize in the distribution of the highest quality products for all running aficionados, including 8 to 10 nutritional products in a package that we then send out to our costumers directly to their home, including, energy bars, protein shakes, vitamin water and many other running accessories as well. The idea ultimately also allows individuals to purchase any of the products contained within the box through our online store.  It’s a very “personalised” concept, almost crafted for each individual.

It’s an innovative way to encourage aspiring runners to discover and explore new brands and products, mainly those who are willing to try something new out there in the market.Ultimately if they love the products they’ve tried through the box they will be also able to also purchase directly on our online store each individual product.

Jogg Box 2I cannot explain how much love I have for this box. I know there are speciality boxes out there, but this one is perfectly aimed at runners. Whatever your distance, there is something helpful in there for you.

The idea behind the JoggBox is that you get the newest running products on the market to test. This can range from accessories to nutrition to health products. So, what did I get this time…

If you want to see a bit more of a description of the product, scroll down to the menu card that came in the box!

1. The Miracle teas – RRP £8.99 for a box

So good. these are lovely refreshing teas to help you to recover, or if you don’t fancy the hard work, they are just a nice brew!

2. Beetroot Shot – £25 for 15

I am sorry to say I just could not face this! I love beetroot in a salad, but I did a lot of juicing at one stage and couldn’t stand the earthy taste of the juices, so I handed this one on to my fitness freak friend and she loved it!

3. JoggBox Bottle

This is an ingenious little thing. It is supposed to hang off your running trousers, but once the bottle is filled it’s a little heavy and often drops off, and just gets in the way. But, it is absolutely awesome for carrying around. Just a really handy shape. Love it.

Jogg Box 3  Jogg Box 4

A plethora of drinks, juices, shakes and gels! I won’t do these individually because they are more or less the same! But I got lots of different things, for recovery, for mid-race, for energy before running and for protein. I now have a mug full of these waiting for every run I do!

Jogg Box 5This had to be my most favourite part of the box.

4. Flex Tape – £5.99 per packet

This is brilliant, thank goodness I haven’t actually had to use it, but I love it’s funky colours and I’m sure it will come in handy at one point or another (especially with a keen footballer boyfriend!)

5. Sports Wash – £4 per bottle

This was great. The JoggBox came just before a 10K I was running with my boyfriend, and the weather was horrendous. We had mud up to our knees! This was worked brilliantly on our trainers, socks and trousers and my trainers came out looking brand new.

6. Pulsin Protein Snack – RRP £17 for 18 bars

This was YUM. So good, we ate this just before our 10K and was the perfect pick me up.

7. Foot Rubz – RRP £6

This. Is. Am-a-zing. So good for rubbing all the knots out in my feet and hands. And great for a chronic fiddler as myself, I keep it on my desk at work.

Jogg Box 6

Other bits and bobs from the box:

Jogg Box 7

Also, really nice personal touch; JoggBox sent me an awesome little card in the box:

Jogg Box 8

Monthly plan: £15 plus £3 P&P per month

Quarterly plan (save £5): £40, plus £3 P&P per month

Yearly plan (get 2 free boxes): £150, plus £3 P&P per month

None at the moment.

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