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The Ipsy subscription box is one of the most affordable beauty subscriptions out there. Even with its popularity, it’s rare to see a bad review of this subscription box. The Ipsy Glam Bag, as the brand calls, provides active members with five skincare, makeup or other beauty samples every month.

Note: Currently, Ipsy don’t deliver their Boxes directly to the UK, we would recommend you to have a look to the other beauty Box available in the UK, or to use an intermediate service like Planet Express (but it is expensive, up to $20 par delivery)

The Ipsy Box

For most beauty and makeup enthusiasts, the hardest part of the process is getting makeup products. Since they are used on a daily basis, these products tend to finish quickly. With so little time available, shopping for new beauty products can be complicated. This subscription box is the perfect solution.

What you receive in the beauty box is personalised based on your individual profile. This means each product in the Ipsy Glam bag is a surprise. However, we can guarantee it’s one surprise makeup enthusiasts will love.

What To Expect From the Ipsy Subscription Box

The Ipsy Subscription Box will typically contain products from high-end brands in the beauty industry. However, some products in the Glam bag may be from indie or less well-known brands.

Another thing to know about the Ipsy subscription box is that there are two options. Both option feature the same number of products (5). However, the difference is that the first, the Glam Bag, will only have 1 or 2 full-size products. The rest are deluxe samples.

On the other hand, with the second, the Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, all five products will be full-size products. For example, a Glam Bag Plus can contain items from brands such as Evolue Skincare, Complex Culture, ittsē, Noyah, Tarte and more!

For subscribers who love trying out the skincare and beauty products, the subscription box is the perfect way to keep up with the latest and greatest in the industry. It’s affordable and you experiment with new products all you want.

Products you can fin din the Ipsy glam bag

Why We Like This Subscription Box

The Ipsy Glam Box is highly affordable, especially when you take into account the value of the products you receive. Compared to the individual product price, subscribers can save hundreds of dollars over time. Other reasons we love this box include:


Ipsy uses a customisation system they call IpsyMatch. This system does the amazing job of connecting users with the right beauty products for them.

After signing up, subscribers fill in a quiz about their skin tone, eye colour, hair tone, style and experience with makeup. Using the data from this survey, IpsyMatch will connect recipients with the best 5 products from a pool of over 40 new products.

Makeup bag

Ipsy understands how versatile a makeup bag can be. They know that these bags can suffer damage and stains over time. Therefore, they send a new makeup bag with every subscription box, with cute designs which are fashionable and fun.

What is the Periodicity of the Ipsy Subscription Box?

The subscription box is delivered monthly, straight to your mailbox.

What is the Price of the Ipsy Subscription Box?

The Glam bag costs only $12 every month. However, for subscribers who want 5 full-size products, the Glam Plus is available at $25 monthly.

Does Ipsy Deliver in the UK?

Unfortunately, Ipsy does not deliver its boxes to the UK. Although, there’s a way to get an Ipsy subscription box in the UK.

How To Get The Ipsy Subscription Box in the UK?

To get a subscription box from Ipsy, users need a valid US mailing address. Planet Express provides subscribers with a US mailing address to help get the boxes into the UK.

Simply fill in a pre-assigned US mailing address from Planet Express on the Ipsy website. The package will be delivered to Planet Express. Then, Planet Express will ship to subscribers in the UK.

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  • Beauty and makeup
  • From £12

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  • Beauty and makeup
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