Grind Coffee

  • Coffee pods
  • From £9.95

Home-Compostable Coffee Pods : Grind Coffee offer their customers the planet’s favourite coffee pods, in home-compostable form.

Get started with 30 home-compostable pods for just £9.95, a fantastic introductory offer. With over a decade of experience making coffee in their London cafés, they have created Nespresso® compatible pods that are eco-friendly and delicious.

Subscribe and Save

When you subscribe to Grind deliveries, you can receive up to 33% off, a free Grind tin, and free shipping. Enjoy Grind Coffee at home with their home-compostable coffee pods, whole bean or ground coffee. Not only do they provide great coffee, but they also focus on sustainable packaging and organic coffee sourced from small farms and roasted in London.

Doing Good for the Planet

In 2023, they have committed to removing 4,800,000 plastic pods (64,000 kilos of plastic) from the ocean through their charitable Better Coffee Foundation®. Grind Coffee are removing the equivalent of more than 100,000 plastic pods from the ocean every day. Together, customers have already removed 41,507 plastic coffee pods from the ocean today.

Upgrade Your Coffee at Home

With Grind home-compostable pods and packaging, organic coffee, and subscribe-and-save options, they make it easy to upgrade your coffee experience at home. Plus, Grind Coffee offer endlessly refillable tins and a variety of other products to enhance your coffee routine.

Shop Grind Range

Choose from Grind selection of coffee-related products, including Grind One, their Nespresso® compatible pod machine, red coffee cups and saucers, tins of compostable coffee pods, bamboo reusable coffee cups, bulk boxes of compostable coffee pods, and their Grind – A Modern Guide to City Living book.

Why Choose Grind Coffee Pods?

Grind Coffee pods are home-compostable and filled with organic, ethically sourced coffee from sustainable farms. Grind believe their pods are better than Nespresso’s own pods, offering a more environmentally friendly and high-quality option for coffee lovers. As an independent British business based in London, they are dedicated to providing only the best products for their customers.

Grind One: Grind Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Pod Machine

Grind Coffee have designed their own Nespresso® compatible coffee pod machine, Grind One, inspired by Italian espresso machines used in their London cafés. Grind One is built from stainless steel, offering a sleek and minimal alternative to mass-market plastic machines.

Visit Grind Cafés and Experience Grind Rewards

Enjoy Grind coffee in-store, on their website, or through the Grind app and earn points towards free coffee vouchers. For every £1 spent, you will earn 1 point, and 35 points will get you 1 free coffee. Experience their commitment to quality and sustainability firsthand.

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Grind Coffee

  • Coffee pods
  • From £9.95

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Grind Coffee

  • Coffee pods
  • From £9.95