Graze – July 2018

Graze – July 2018

If you’re eating healthily, you don’t need to go without your some of your favourite snacks – just swap them for lighter options from Graze! As one of the UK’s most popular and trusted subscription boxes, Graze offers a fully customisable service which allows you to choose how often you’d like to have a box delivered (weekly, fortnightly, monthly and one-off choices for example) and these can be sent to your home or work address.

Each Graze box contains four individually portioned out snacks and these are sent based on the info in your online profile, so make sure that you fill this out when you sign up as you can ‘like’ certain snacks, and ‘bin’ those that you don’t want. You can also do this with individual ingredients so if you hate peanuts for example, you can ‘bin’ them, and you’ll never be sent anything that has peanuts in it.

With such a huge range of snacks available, I always look forward to seeing what’s inside my monthly Graze box and this is what I received for July:-

Jam Doughnut

Imagine all of the flavours of a deconstructed, healthy jam doughnut and this is basically what this snack is! It features yummy Raspberry Strings, Sponge Pieces, Raspberry Cranberries and sliced Almonds, and is part of the Graze Light range. A great mix of flavours and a source of fibre too.

Louisiana Wild Rice & Beans

Inspired by the flavours of Louisiana, this new snack from Graze is a crunchy, savoury mix of Wild Rice Sticks and Chilli Broad Beans which have a nice subtle kick to them. This punnet comes in at under 150 calories, has 5g of plant-based protein and it’s delicious!

Marvellous Carrot Cake & Afternoon Infusion

Proving that you can have your cake and still eat it when you’re watching your weight, this Marvellous Carrot Cake slice is wonderfully soft and moist and I can’t believe that its’s only 80 calories! To accompany the cake, there’s also an Afternoon Infusion which is made with a specially selected blend of Assam and Kenyan Tea Leaves.

Protein Peanut Butter Dipper

Finally, the fourth and last snack in this month’s Graze box is a yummy combo of Baked Hemp Sticks and an all-natural Peanut Butter to dip them into. Pure heaven! The whole snack is under 150 calories and gives you 5g of plant-based protein.

Our score: 9.6/ 10

I love this month's selection of snacks as there's a bit of everything from sweet to savoury flavours - well done Graze!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

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