Gootea box

  • Gourmet & Ethical
  • From £17

Fancy meeting up with your family or friends for a gourmet break every month? The Gootea box has been designed for you.

Taste exclusive teas of different origins and exquisite biscuits, all made by artisans of course (no industrial products, your friends are worth it). Original teas and biscuits to tickle your taste buds, you will be delighted to discover them every month.

But that’s not all !

The Gootea box is ethical… Thanks to your greedy favorite treats, you contribute to a donation to a new non-profit organization every month and a tree is planted in one part of the world.

Share with your friends the ecological project you’re participating in and discuss about the project.

Wait no longer and subscribe now or discover it once. Would be a nice original gourmet gift too : send it to the other side of the world for only £2.8 shipping cost.

Good for you, good for your friends, good for the Planet

The Gootea box includes:

  • 1 box of exceptional teas
  • Natural biscuits made by artisans
  • Donation of £0.9 to charity with a project description
  • 1 tree planted with certificate in your name and location of the tree
  • 1 small seed paper with a joke

Ps : Discover the Bee happy box with gourmet products, a natural cosmetic and a plant or the Beauty in the box with natural cosmetic and treats, all upon the same GreenEcoBox concept, that is to say donations and tree planted.

Price : £17 and £2.8 shipping costs

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Gootea box

  • Gourmet & Ethical
  • From £17

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Gootea box

  • Gourmet & Ethical
  • From £17