GeekGear – February 2018

GeekGear – February 2018

GeekGear is a company which sends out boxes full of geeky awesomeness! It costs £19.99 per month, and ships worldwide.

This is the first GeekGear I’ve received, so I’m not sure if there’s supposed to be a leaflet inside! I didn’t get one, but I think this is the February box, as the franchises aren’t the same as the ones being trailed for March. If there should be a leaflet then it would include RRPs, as does the one inside the sister World of Wizardry box, but I’ll do my best to figure out values!

I love the box design!

This is nicely packed, with branded tissue paper. Looks very inviting.

This is a really big Stark House Banner! It’s about 5ft tall and has two holes in the top to hang it up. I can’t find an identical one online, so it may be an exclusive design, but you can get similar ones for from around £10.

Staying with the Game of Thrones theme, this is an exclusive print of the Night’s King White Walker. As this is an exclusive it’s difficult to price, so I’ll say £5.

Any child of the 90s knows Sonic the Hedgehog, and this is a Limited Edition (6000 coins) Sonic the Hedgehog Coin. From what I can find this retails at around £12.99.

You can never have too many umbrellas, and this DC Comics Umbrella will cheer up a rainy day! The outside is plain and the inside has great retro designs. I can’t find this exact one online, but I reckon £10 is fair.

I love to cook, as does my husband, so I think this Iron Man apron will get good use! I found one that looks identical on Amazon for £13.25.

Finally, this Classic Gamer T-shirt. Geek t-shirts are usually valued around £10 .I love this design! I didn’t have a GameBoy, but I have very happy memories of the SNES! My only tiny quibble is that it’s not 100% cotton, which is a real shame as it looks so awesome. I’ve said before I don’t like polycotton shirts, because I find they get sweaty in warm weather and don’t wash well. It’s the only thing I’ve knocked off a couple of points for, as otherwise this would be 10/10! I’ll still keep it to wear at home though


As I said, I don’t have any RRPs, so I’ve estimated the values, which add up to £61.24! Now, even if I’ve hugely overvalued everything, it would be amazing value at half that amount. So an amazing job there with value.

I really like all the items. Even though the shirt isn’t the best fabric, it’s an incredibly cool design.

I love that there are two really practical items, the umbrella and apron. The banner and picture are fun for GoT fans, and the banner especially is striking. As for the coin, it’s a fun thing to have, and even if you’re not a big Sonic fan, it’s nice to have something that’s a limited edition item. All the franchises are great, with a nice mix of modern and retro.

I don’t know if the absence of a menu was intentional or just overlooked, but apart from RRPs, I don’t mind there isn’t one there. I have no idea what, if any, theme this box had, but it’s a really great selection. It’s also packed really well, the tissue wrapping looks good and makes it even more fun to open up.


Our score: 9.6/ 10

A fantastic selection of fun and practical items,with amazing value! Nice job GeekGear!

  • Quality of products8
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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