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Fragrance Discovery club box

First off I would just like to say, what a brilliant idea!

I am most definitely one of those women, who goes for the more well-known names in perfume, because I just have no idea what I want, or what smells good on me. This rarely works. Not just because the majority of the time I can’t afford to do it, but perfume smells different on different people. What smell glorious on the lady that works next to you in the office, won’t necessarily smell great on you. Something to do with PH levels in the skin and what not.

The main point here is, sampling the perfumes at my own leisurely pace would be fab.

Welcome to the Fragrance Discovery Club!

At only £20 a year, it’s a bargain for the amount of lovely little samples you get in your box. Not only that, but you’re saving yourself money by not buying perfumes that wouldn’t really suit you anyway.  This little box really comes into its own if you don’t know what ‘Perfume Personality’ you are. Turns out I am a lover of the darker perfumes as you will see from my review.

To that end, I have separated the reviews into the good, the average and the ‘not for me’. Because it may be great for someone else. You know, if your PH levels are right…

So, in this box I received:

Fragrance Discovery club samples

The Good:

Solo Loewe Sport For Men (Made my boyfriend try this, smells so good! A lovely masculine musk that stays on really well, but isn’t too heavy)

Guerlain parfum petite robe noire (My absolute favourite of the box! I will definitely be buying this! It’s not to light and sweet as that’s not my style, but it’s not as dark as i usually go for. Perfect, and my boyfriend noticed i was wearing it which is a definite thumbs up!)

Valentino Uomo  (A close second favourite, my usual type of dark musky perfumes, this is also i will be investing in)

Alien, Thierry Mugler (I already knew I liked this one, I have some other perfumes from this range. Extravagant with hints of darkness, people always know when I have this on!)

The Average:

Lacoste (well, what can you say. I don’t hate it, I don’t love it. Probably one i would keep in my handbags in emergencies)

The Not for Me:

Givenchy, Very Irresistible (Not for me, far too girly and light. Reminds me of touch of pink)

Elie Saab, (Again, not for me. Too light and if I’m honest, something I’d attribute to a lady older than I!)

I will be signing up for this immediately after writing this review! Plus you get £5 off any of the full size versions of the samples you buy.  This, in my opinion, is the best way to find your perfect perfume (even if you do end up taking preference to the most expensive ones… Looks like we’ll be going without food for a while…)!


discoveryclub_headerimgIf you love fragrance, then you’ll love the Fragrance Shop’s Discovery Club.
This exciting club allows you to explore the very latest fragrance launches from the comfort of your own home. For just £5 per quarter, each edition comes with fragrance samples vials inside for you to try, details on each of the fragrances included, as well as discount vouchers so you can make some big savings on all the scents featured if you purchase them full size.

£5 per quarter

7 samples per box, with a £5 discount voucher for each fragrance featured in the box.

25% off first box orders using the code ASB25 at checkout online only, valid until 31st July 2015. Use link: Get 25% off first box.

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Fragrance Shop Discovery Club


Fragrance Shop Discovery Club