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Unfortunately, this company stopped their activity without prior notice. If you have had troubles with them please leave a comment and drop us a mail at, as we will try to help you find a solution.



Unfortunately, this company stopped their activity without prior notice. If you have had troubles with them please leave a comment and drop us a mail at, as we will try to help you find a solution.

My food discovery box arrived and I couldn’t wait to open it. What was inside wasn’t a surprise, but rather, a selection of ‘treats’ that I had picked for myself from a wide selection of items, chosen according to my own tastes and curiosity.

2I picked 5 items I knew I would really enjoy and I received one as a gift. Columbian coffee, peanut butter, chilli jam, garlic balsamic vinegar and beetroot ketchup as picked products and the Worchester sauce seed as the gifted one. I’ve enjoyed everything so much that I’ve nearly finished the first four items and these aren’t things you usually eat quickly.

The box comes with a lovely little enveloped filled with information about the producers as well as recipe & usage ideas for the products.

3I think this box would be great for several different types of people. Gourmet’s as it gives you a chance to try a specially curated set of products rather than picking from the grocery store shelf. But also for the budget gourmet’s because it lets you have your indulgence but keeps you on the budget set by the box. It’s a great idea as a gift box, especially if you know someone well enough to pick out their first box for them.


Stewarts Columbian Coffee: This has been a great morning treat for me. I was a little worried as the description mentioned ‘rich acidity’, but it was smooth and flavourful.

Proper Nutty Smunchy Peanut Butter: One thing I hate is when peanut butter is too sugary and full of unnatural ingredients. The Proper Nutty version was nothing but peanut butter, nothing else added and it was delicious. I was able to use it in both sweet and savoury applications. On a bit of toast with some chilli jam & in a stir fry as almost a satay style sauce using the idea on the product information card. Smunchy refers to the fact that it is between smooth & crunchy in texture.  I normally like it crunchy and really enjoyed the texture of the smunchy. Still crunchy but smooth enough that the peanut doesn’t dominate over the butter.

1South Devon Chilli Farm – Chilli Jam: I love chilli jam and am always looking to try new varieties. The Chilli Farm version was very pleasing. It was probably one of the most balanced chilli jam’s I’ve had. Not too hot, not too sweet, not too peppery, not too tomato (no tomato). And, it also tastes great with the peanut butter, helping me understand that American classic combination a bit better.

Simply Seedz Worchester Sauce Seed Mix: I love eating salads and adding a few seeds to the top always makes it more special. The seeds tasted great on their own and I could have easily eaten the whole pot as a snack. But I liked how the Worchester added a bit more flavour to my veg.

asbLittle Doone Sweet Balsamic Dressing Garlic: I think this is probably my favourite item from the whole box. It’s incredibly versatile as an ingredient and it tastes absolutely fabulous. I tasted a little on a spoon when I first opened it, just to get an idea of base flavours, and I ended up having a second spoonful. So far I’ve used it a number of ways, as a dressing on its own drizzled over salad, adding in Dijon to the balsamic dressing to make it into more of a classic dressing with a special twist and as a glaze for steak and chicken. Each of the applications worked fantastic, bringing out different flavours in the food, as well as highlighting different notes in the dressing.

The Foraging Fox Beetroot Ketchup: This was my experimental item. The base flavours are very good, it’s made of beetroot. I tried it with eggs for breakfast, one of the suggested uses, but didn’t enjoy it as much as normal ketchup. I’ll try out a few of the other suggestions before I give up on it. But as of now, I admit I haven’t quite figured out how to use it.

Compared to a standard ‘mystery’ subscription box I would say this is definitely a winner. On the one hand I like the surprise of a mystery subscription box, but the joy of receiving the box was just as much knowing what was inside, maybe even more, as the anticipation of receiving it had my mouth watering before it even arrived.


Food subscription where you get to decide.

With Food Discovery Box, you choose your favourite items from their themed artisan food menu’s.

Food Discovery Box explore the food festivals, discover the newest trends and send you amazing foods by rare producers every month. The products they source are the ones never available in supermarkets. Every box contains recipes, serving suggestions and your artisan food guides: “meet the producers”. You choose your favourite products from an extensive tried and tasted menu, and they’ll be posted to you at no extra cost. Food Discovery Box does all the work for you!

Frequency: monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly

Price per box: £23.50
Details of shipping: Sent at the end of the month via Royal Mail

First box just £10 with the discount code ASB10


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Food Discovery Box


Food Discovery Box