First Wonder Box – July 2019: Colours (Art)

The First Wonder Box is a fortnightly subscription box sent straight to your child. Their personalised box contains everything they need to learn about a new topic and the one we were sent was ‘Colours’ in the ‘Art’ section. They are aimed at children aged four to eight. The big sell with these is that they are more than just fun activities, they help children learn with activities that support Early Years and Key Stage 1 learning.

What’s in the box?

  • A box that turns into a fun activity
  • Pack of bouncy putty
  • Stacking multicoloured rainbow crayon
  • Two collectible cards
  • Sticker sheet
  • Activity book
  • Tube of bubbles
  • Collage kit
  • Colour wheel kit

The highlights

It might just be the retro appeal but I loved the stacking crayon in the box. It’s a great (and cost effective) way to talk about colour and we’ve packed ours in our holiday bag to take away with us. I’d much rather receive this than a pack of 4-6 mini pencils or crayons that inevitably get lost.


Who doesn’t love bubbles? Another great little gift – and the first thing my son tore into! In the past, with other fortnightly boxes, I’ve often felt a bit overwhelmed with all the activities and felt pressure to rush through them so I really appreciate this. It was just a nice little activity to keep my son occupied and a welcome addition to the box.

The bouncy putty was another great addition. Once the bubbles were finished we made a start with this and I’m still confused about how light it was! This was a great sensory activity and actually, a lot of these were really good if you have a child who perhaps learns more through play and through their senses.

Good for the environment

One of our favourite parts was that the box itself becomes part of the activities which is great when it comes to being environmentally friendly. This was a fantastic activity and one we enjoyed doing together. I also liked the fact the back of the activity book became a certificate – it’s less wasteful and means you can use this to compile a set of certificates (whose child doesn’t love a certificate?!) as your child progresses through the boxes.

Whilst we really enjoyed a lot of these activities we weren’t completely blown away by this box. I think the issue we had was that I’d looked online at all the different boxes and had seen a lot of ones I knew my son would LOVE. This one just didn’t fit that brief so we were just unlucky. I know from seeing the sorts of activities in this box that we would definitely get on with one of the others.  I did appreciate that the box wasn’t overloaded with activities as I think if we had received the next box two weeks later I would have felt a bit overwhelmed.

You can try your first one for half price which I think is a really great way to introduce yourself to the range. These boxes are £8.99 on a fortnightly basis and despite us liking (but not loving) this one I would definitely recommend First Wonder Box. I think this one was just one of those times when the theme didn’t suit us but we still definitely still really enjoyed it.

Our score: 9.2/ 10

This was our first experience of First Wonder Box and unfortunately it's just not a topic that particularly interests my son. It's a shame as having looked at the range online I can see so many that I know he would love so I feel bad for a slightly lower score but for me this box didn't have any stand out WOW items. However I am not at all put off as I know that this was an unfortunate quirk and that when you get regular boxes you do sometimes get one that you don't gel with as much but then find the next one is incredible. I look forward to seeing what future boxes hold!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money8
  • Selection of products8

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First Wonder Box

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First Wonder Box

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