FFS Beauty

  • Razors for women
  • From £6.95

Get the shaving kit to make shaving seamless, convenient, and without side effects from FFS Beauty (Ex Friction Free Shaving). The FFS Beauty Kit box offers a convenient way to shave without having to experience the side effects of regular blades. From reusable diamond coated blades to other cosmetic products, all these accessories are manufactured to meet up with FFS’s top-notch standards. The cosmetic creams and lotions have also been made using only natural ingredients.

The shaving kit subscription box makes it easy to get premium shaving accessories that help you avoid itching and the other side effects of the regular razor. The signature FFS metal-handled razor is designed to remove the majority of the hair in just one stroke.

What’s in the FFS Package?

FFS Beauty offers a wide range of products. In the basic package, you would get 6 Diamond Coated Blades, Precision Trimmer Blade, Aloe Vera Lubrication Strip. The blade comes with a flexible head and an ergonomic handle.


The cost of your FFS shaving kits subscription box depends on several factors;

  • Frequency of shaving
  • Additional products selected (e.g., Deodorants, Shave cream, Facial wax strips).

The basic package costs £9.95, and this comes with:

  • Painted colour finish
  • Sturdy metal handle for optimal control
  • 6 diamond-coated steel blades per head
  • Styling bikini blade built-in
  • Lubricating Vitamin E strip

The total cost of your package depends on ultimately on your final preferences. However, all packages come with free delivery.

Why Choose FFS Beauty?

There are several reasons why FFS Beauty is currently one of your best options with respect to shaking accessories. Some of these reasons include:

Ecofriendly Materials

All the materials offered for sale by FFS Beauty are made using eco-friendly processes and the materials used are easily recycled using a recycling scheme. The process also does not include any cruelty process as the products were not tested on any animals. This makes the blades suitable for everyone.

Vegans and Vegetarians do not also have to worry about the products, and no ingredients of animal origin are used in the production process. Several other products from FFS like the pre-shave scrub, shave cream and post-shave balm are also certified for being cruelty-free in the production process.

Reusable Metal Handle

As a user, you can also reuse the FFs metal blade. This makes it economically beneficial, especially when compared with some other blades that can only be used once.

Everything is Natural

All the products offered by the FFS Beauty Kit Box are also manufactured strictly from natural ingredients. So, you don’t have to worry about any undesirable side effects from synthetic ingredients. Using ingredients like Shea butter, Manuka honey, coconut oil and others from natural sources, FFS have been able to create several tested and trusted products to give you that perfect glow after every shave.

Flexible Plan

The FFS also offers a very flexible plan that allows you to pause your delivery, swap products, and change the frequency of your deliveries. This is due to the fact that different have different timing when it comes to shaving.
You can also choose to cancel your plan at any point in time.

Our score: 9.2/ 10

Friction Free Shaving is an affordable way to get all of your shaving essentials delivered to your door every month. All of the products are high-quality and perform amazingly well - far better than anything that I've ever tried on the highstreet! The optional personalisation of the razor is a really nice touch too.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality8
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products9

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FFS Beauty

  • Razors for women
  • From £6.95

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FFS Beauty

  • Razors for women
  • From £6.95