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Empty Pocket is a subscription service for having Fairtrade coffee delivered through the letterbox every month. Depending on whether you are a light, medium or heavy drinker of coffee, you can customise your plan to match the quantity you need.

I was excited to receive my supply of Fairtrade coffee from Empty Pocket for two reasons. One, I’m a true coffee lover and secondly, I’m a big believer in the concept of Fairtrade. I wasn’t disappointed on either front.


The coffee this month was Lemon Drizzle from the Gumutindo Cooperative in Uganda. The coffee itself comes with tasting notes to help you identify some of the subtle flavours and aromas of the bean. True to the name, there were clear hints of lemon to the flavour. I tried it black to start, following the guidelines they sent on how to have a ‘proper’ coffee tasting, but I love a bit of milk and sugar so finished off the tasting with those additions. As that’s what I’m used to, that’s when I really felt the difference in flavour. It was incredibly smooth and the lemon notes made it feel especially indulgent.

In addition to the coffee, I received a metal canister for storing the coffee, and a postcard sized booklet on the Gumutindo Cooperative. It’s a bit pricier than the Fairtrade coffee in the grocerystores, but the quality is certainly there, and this little bit of detail on the origins of the coffee feels much more connected to the concept of making an ethical purchase.

Three options:

Up to 5 cups a week: from£5.75 a month including p&p

Up to 8 cups a week: from £7.95 a month including p&p

Up to 15 cups a week: from £13.25 a month including p&p

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