Dr Botanicals Beauty Box

  • Skincare treats
  • From £19.99

Dr Botanicals beauty box provides a fun way to discover new skincare products that you probably haven’t tried yet. With the beauty box, you are getting practical and neatly packed products at a competitive price. Instead of having to purchase at full size, you can save money on a couple of new trial products and rediscover your long-forgotten favourites.

As the 2020 beauty shortlist award winner, Dr Botanicals beauty box offers only the best nourishment and radiance for your skin. The London head office ensures that every customer gets high-quality and 100% natural skincare products.

Want to figure out everything about these beauty boxes? Like how a beauty box looks like or how much it costs? Keep reading to find out more.

Dr Botanicals Beauty Box – Quick Overview

A beauty box is a personally curated package that arrives at your doorstep. You can get new options every month, with a couple of products in a package. You get the chance to acquire completely organic skincare with amazing savings on premium products.

Whether you are interested in the Pomegranate Superfood Overnight Facial Mask or Moroccan Rose, Dr Botanicals got you covered. All the skincare at your disposal is toxin-free and vegan friendly. Simply put, this is the ultimate pamper package.

How Does a Beauty Box Work?

The beauty boxes make shopping for beauty and skincare products a lot easier. You get to skip the time-consuming process of having to go to a store and pick out products one by one. With a monthly subscription base, you can add items to your basket and have them delivered to your home.

In one beauty box, you can get:

  • 1 face mask
  • 1 facial serum
  • 1 day moisturizer
  • 1 Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil (BONUS)

Every beauty box is tailored towards your skin type and needs. You can also procure a deluxe brand sample or a full-size product at a lower price than its actual cost. To top it all off, with Dr Botanicals, gift box members get a bonus Superfood Facial Oil as a complimentary.


A Lot of people want to know how the beauty box saves you money. You may not notice it right away, but with every individual makeup or skincare product you buy, the expenses keep piling up. You try one after the other, only to get disappointed and throw the entire package away.

With Dr Botanicals subscription box, those worries are over.  The pamper package that’s worth about £59.70; you get to pay only £29.99 a month. This makes it a practical trial version at a solid price. But, since these are handpicked merchandise, you are less likely to get disappointed. Not only is this a more convenient option, but it is better on your wallet as well.

Why Do We Like This Box?

Their natural organic ingredients offer quality over quantity. They are packed with minerals and vitamins and are an excellent choice for rejuvenating the skin. We did choose it because of its quality and low price. Besides, if you don’t like the beauty box, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee. So, we had nothing to lose. Overall, this well-made box won’t disappoint.

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Dr Botanicals Beauty Box

  • Skincare treats
  • From £19.99

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Dr Botanicals Beauty Box

  • Skincare treats
  • From £19.99