Do The Unthinkable

  • Food and fitness plan

Created by the Muscle Food team – Do The Unthinkable is claiming to be the most complete fitness and food system ever developed. The system provides customers with everything they need to reach their fitness goals. The subscription programme allows customers to tailor the food choices to their tastes and will give them exclusive access to workouts which will become more challenging as the 12 weeks progress.

The workout plans have been created to get customers burn the fat, regardless of their start weight and fitness levels. Each session lasts around 30 minutes and has been structured with intensity increasing and rest time decreasing as the programme is followed. No equipment is needed to perform the exercises which makes it really easy for everyone to follow.

Subscription options include:

  • Weekend off meal plan – £2 per meal, 30 meal times. Price – £60 + £3.99 delivery.
  • Cheat Day – £1.91 per meal, 36 meal times. Price – £69 + £3.99 delivery.
  • Pure Dedication – £1.88 per meal, 42 meal times. Price – £79 + free delivery.

Muscle Food has spent years researching, developing and testing a system which helps their customers to get in the best shape of their lives and this is exactly what Do The Unthinkable is all about. It’s a very convenient subscription box not only for those who are hungry to transform their body in as short period of time as possible but even for those who are looking for a convenient way to eat healthier and improve their lifestyle and the shape of their body in general.

What’s in the full package?

  • Every meal you need delivered
  • Every workout you need instantly
  • Access to a qualified Personal Trainer & Nutritionist
  • Free recipe cook book
  • 3 DVDs with the workouts of the programme
  • Personal Progress and Workout Poster trackers
  • Welcome letter from PT Steve Ahern
  • The giveaway bonus once the programme is complete

The most important thing about Do The Unthinkable food and fitness programme is that you won’t actually be on a DIET! You will eat better than you have done before!

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Do The Unthinkable

  • Food and fitness plan

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Do The Unthinkable

  • Food and fitness plan