Designer Box – ELO Wireless Lamp (Picnic Box May/June 2020)

Designer Box – ELO Wireless Lamp (Picnic Box May/June 2020)

Designer Box is a company that loves aesthetic interior style and design. Every two months they send out a beautiful item for your home, all made by independent designers and craftspeople using natural and/or recyclable materials.

Subscriptions cost from €40 per month, and each item will have a value of at least €90. Each box also contains a design magazine, which includes information about the designer of that month’s item.

This item, the ELO Wireless Lamp was featured in the May/June box, titled Picnic Box. The complete box also included two beautiful small glasses in a holder for easy portability.  That item was actually sold out in record time, but Designer Box was kind enough to send me the lamp.

As you can see, it’s shaped like a wine bottle! As I think any respectable picnic should include wine (for the adults of course) this is a appropriate and elegant shape for your picnic table.

Some technical details.

It’s wireless and is rechargeable via micro USB. Fully charged it will last up to 10 hours, which is more than enough to take you well into the night for a summer evening picnic.

The charging socket is hidden by a rubber plug, which easily pops out and back. This rubber seal makes the lamp weather-resistant, though not completely waterproof of course.

But then, I don’t think a picnic in the rain would be much fun.

The on/off switch sits right at the top. It’s touch-sensitive, requiring the lightest tap to turn on.

The switch is also pressure-sensitive and acts as a dimmer with a long-press to change the intensity of the light. This is a lovely feature to have for an outdoor lamp, so you can change the atmosphere at a moment’s notice.

There is also a hanging loop.

It can be removed very easily, but I actually rather like the way it looks. It’s the perfect size to hang from a tree branch, hook, or just for easy carrying.

The power-friendly LED lamp gives off a lovely warm white glow.

It’s also impressively bright at it’s highest setting, though it’s also anti-glare so is not overbright in any way.

The warmth of the light creates a lovely atmosphere when used outside, though there’s no reason it can’t be used indoors too.

The lamp itself is startlingly light. When it first arrived I had no idea what was inside the box as I didn’t realise that it would weigh so little! So even little hands can carry this very easily, and being LED it’s totally safe around children.

I can imagine this would also be great fun for children to have in a den or perhaps camping out. Dimmed right down it makes the perfect nightlight.

Getting back to grownups, this is also a wonderful accessory for lighting a dining table indoors or out, or simply as an indoor accent. Being portable it can be picked up and put down wherever needed, and the simple elegant shape can work in almost any context.

Our score: 10.0/ 10

What a beautiful and incredibly useful piece this is. I'm sorry the weather is not outdoor-eating friendly right now, as it's a lovely way to add illumination to warm evenings. I love the portability of it, and the simple shape is very appealing. The yellow adds a great pop of colour without being intrusive in any way, and the light cast is just right for either illumination or aesthetics. This really is a very clever item, especially being rechargeable so you really can take it anywhere! I absolutely love it.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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Designer Box

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