• Tampons and period
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Introducing Daye: Revolutionizing Gynae Health. Daye exists to raise the standards in gynae health by creating innovative products and services that fit conveniently into our lives​​. Daye is determined to bridge the gap in healthcare, believing that both sexes deserve the same level of healthcare. They affirm that gynae health is human health, despite most medical research favouring the male physiology to date​​.

Daye Core Products

Naked & CBD Tampons

Daye has developed the world’s first CBD infused tampon, designed to help 90% of women who suffer from period cramps. These tampons offer cool, calm, and collected periods with best-in-class absorbency, and they are organic and plastic-free​​.

CBD Balm

Daye’s CBD Balm is the rest and relaxation in a jar for aching muscles or PMS-ing bellies.


They also offer ProViotics to help enrich your gut and vaginal microbiome. These ProViotics are vegan and organic, containing 2.5 billion live good bacteria​​.

The Daye Difference

Daye is revolutionising the period care industry through innovation and sustainability. Sustainability is at their core, and they are committed to leaving an impact, not a trace, while being equally invested in the wellbeing of our planet and their own team​. They have introduced the first flushable tampon wrapper and are B Corp certified.

Their mission is to advance gynae health using anonymised customer data for research with leading institutions. They aim to advance gynae healthcare and regularly ensure that their products meet the highest industry quality standards​.

Daye Values and Practices

Daye is committed to delivering health on your terms, recognizing that the one-size-fits-all healthcare model doesn’t work. They go with your flow by delivering convenient, high-quality products that fit your needs and lifestyle, without compromising on your values. Privacy and continuity are the bedrock of being your own health advocate and owning your health record—the central purpose of their digital platform​.

They believe in lifting the veil. Consumers should be able to make educated choices, and this can only be achieved if brands commit to radical transparency. Daye invites their community to know exactly what’s going on behind the scenes. They believe medical research should be accessible for all, making their own research and related scientific studies accessible and digestible to the non-medical community through their blog, Vitals​​.

Shipping and Savings

Daye offers carbon-neutral delivery, offsetting their carbon footprint. They deliver to the UK, several countries in the EU, as well as the US​. You can subscribe to receive their products every month and save up to 20% off the one-off price​​.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Daye offers a satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t feel the effects of their products, you can contact their customer care team and they’ll send you a refund​​. Their products are recommended by accredited doctors and are proven to be safe to use.

Join Daye in their journey to revolutionize gynae health, one product at a time.

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  • Tampons and period
  • From £5.64

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  • Tampons and period
  • From £5.64