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I was very pleased with my box of organic veg delivered by bicycle.

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First of all, The Cycling Veg have been very flexible and patient in booking my delivery slot. We had agreed on a Monday where I knew I’d be home. They emailed me 2 hours before their expected delivery time to confirm with me that was OK. I wrote back that I would be home and it was perfect timing but asked them to call me so the doorbell would not wake up my toddler from his nap, which they kindly did. A very nice young man who had biked his way to our house was smiling at the door with a large box of fresh vegetables.



Cycling Veg boxI am impressed with the quantity and variety of vegetables that were delivered. All local, seasonal and organic vegetables. I have cooked most of them in various stews, side dishes and soups. They were tasty and fresh. Cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, parsnips, potatoes, squash, etc. There were also some exotic looking vegetables like China Rose Radish which we had never tasted before!

Recipes were included in the box, which was very thoughtful and handy. I have tried one of them: a salad with the china rose radish. It was tasty and something different for me and my family. I was also thrilled to be able to feed fresh organic vegetables to my two year old son. Healthy and balanced nutrition is very important to me. And this one comes with the comfort of a home delivery :)

Cycling Veg box
I would recommend this to anyone who wants to have easy and affordable access to fresh, seasonal, organic vegetables!

TheCyclingVeg is the first startup in London to deliver organic, seasonal and locally produced fruit & vegetables by bicycle to your doorstep.

They aim to promote the consumption of quality food with a low environmental impact and which generates social improvement.

Their mission is to deliver the best quality organic food with a particular inclusion of local producers and farmers.

As they put it: “We are the newest, greenest and cheapest veg box scheme in London and we are looking forward to offer you some of our amazing veggies!”

How many products in each box: From 6 pieces upwards (they also offer customised boxes with as many items as you like)
Details of shipping: Free Delivery
Frequency: Weekly
Price per box: From £ 6.99 upwards


There are various prices for the boxes depending on size of box you require. You can also create customised boxes, adding items to your box and having them delivered in the next 3 working days.

  • EssentialsBox: £6.99
  • SmallBox: £9.99
  • MediumBox: £11.99
  • LargeBox: £14.99
  • Fruit & Veg Box: £9.99
  • FruitBox: £9.99


EXCLUSIVE DEAL: Mention ALLBOXES when you sign up for any of the weekly Cycling Veg box subscriptions (fruit or veg) and get your second box totally FREE!

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