• Skincare for acne
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Curology is a US-based brand that has won over our attention with its dermatologically tested skincare products, designed to address acne. Keep reading to find out more about this brand and its subscription offerings.

Skincare is an issue that we all struggle with. Don’t worry though; we’ll walk you through this service that offers a clinically tested and research-driven skincare solution for all your beauty needs.

What Is Curology?

Curology is a leading dermatological solution that eliminates the need for in-person dermatologist appointments. With Curology, customers can enjoy evidence-based dermatological care with a few taps on a smartphone.

We enjoy their streamlined and efficient process to see if the hype around their services is really true. After logging into the Curology account, customers first upload images of their face and neck.

the Box Curology

The brand also requires customers to fill out a detailed questionnaire regarding their skin, such as levels of oil, dryness, and acne. The questionnaire asks questions about past treatments, medications, skincare concerns, and goals.

After reviewing the patient’s questionnaire and information, their dermatologist recommends a custom acne treatment formula, known as the “superbottle.”

Take a look at their products:

  • The small bottle, to be used on a monthly basis, costs $19.95 (£15.02) with $4.95 (£3.73) shipping charges.
  • The large bottle, to be used on a bimonthly basis, costs $39.90 (£30.03) with free shipping and handling.
  • The large bottle with cleanser and moisturizer, to be used on a bimonthly basis, costs $59.90 (£45.09) with free shipping and handling.

Curology enjoys excellent reviews from customers across the United States, and its products are designed with clinically tested ingredients.

Does Curology Deliver to the UK?

Curology’s UK customers will be disappointed to know that the brand does not deliver to the United Kingdom. Presently, the Curology is only licensed to dermatologically treat and deliver products to patients across the United States, and it has no ongoing plans to establish deliveries and shipping services overseas.

Curology in the UK

What Are the Alternatives to Curology in the UK?

If you’re looking for an alternative to Curology in the UK, Dermatica is an ideal option. It is a highly credible brand for dermatological consultations online. It offers a set of curated clinically tested products at highly affordable rates.

Dermatica enjoys immense popularity in the UK, particularly amongst patients suffering from acne and premature ageing. It will prove a viable option if you’re seeking Curology-like monthly subscription services.

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  • Skincare for acne
  • From £15

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  • Skincare for acne
  • From £15