• Craft Cider
  • From £22.99

CiderSub is a small independent business based in Manchester, UK and they source cider that you don’t see everyday.

Showcasing six craft ciders for you to experience at home every month, each subscriber receives a tasting card so that you can create your own cider tasting session. It’s a fun way to find out your favourites by describing the aromas, flavours and style.

Bespoke to your flavour choices, you can also choose to just have the sweet to medium or medium to dry range, receiving the four closest to that variety from the six ciders featured.

They deliver UK wide with their 100% recyclable policy…. even the packaging tape is paper!

There is no minimum subscription period so you can cancel anytime. Great for gifting too, it makes a change from the craft beer, wine and gin options.

How to get started?

  1. Visit the website
  2. Select your preferred box (delivery included!)
    • Mixed – 6 craft ciders £29.99
    • Sweet to Medium – 4 craft ciders £22.99
    • Medium to Dry – 4 craft ciders £22.99
  3. Fill in your details or gift recipient
  4. Receive the box after the 1st of each month
  5. Enjoy and use your free tasting card
  6. Stick with us each month, skip a couple or cancel anytime

If you just want to buy a one off box of six you can do that with the taster box.

Why CiderSub?

Legally, cider in the UK is only required to have 35% of apple juice content. Commercial ciders are then diluted with A LOT of water and a LOT of sugar is added back in.

The ciders chosen at CiderSub are wholly craft! Produced by small independents with skill and passion so that the cider is interesting and authentic using at least 90%+ juice content.

Reviews (From Trustpilot)

Really happy with the first month’s subscription. Great range of ciders I’d never have tried otherwise. – Colin

My partner and I have enjoyed all of the boxes we’ve received so far, and it’s been fun completing the tasting cards and learning more about the ciders! – Chris

It was really nice to try some different ciders from small businesses other than supermarket shelf ones. I love that the packaging is all recyclable. – Sarah

If you want to discover new craft ciders in a fun way with a flexible subscription programme then CiderSub can help you do just that!

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  • Craft Cider
  • From £22.99



  • Craft Cider
  • From £22.99