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Welcome, to Candy Crave! A fantastic subscription box with the finest American candy and sweets sent straight to your door!

Everyone loves a surprise, and we at Candy Crave are no different. With each box, we promise we will provide a taste sensation of the finest American candies. Find new things, and enjoy old favourites, and all in a surprise parcel each month!

Know someone who would like a gift of candy? Take up one of our subscriptions for the gift that keeps giving when they receive their box each month! After all, gifts shouldn’t only be enjoyed on birthdays!

Want a treat for yourself? Why not, you’re worth it!

Until the 20th of October we’re available for exclusive preorders on KickStarter!

Yet to be reviewed.

£12.99 per month, including free UK delivery!

None at the moment.

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Candy Crave


Candy Crave