main-bannerBriefd is a gentlemen’s subscription service.

The idea is simple: affordably and effortlessly freshen up your underwear drawer with hand-picked boxers, briefs or trunks from the world’s top designers.

It seems that mens underwear refresh rates are astonishingly low. Across the nation, men in their twenties and thirties have shamefully poor underwear collections. Armies of girlfriends and boyfriends across the country are secretly throwing out lucky boxers and shredded briefs. Britain’s pants drawers are full of holey monstrosities that should have been binned years ago. Men have allowed their most intimate and personal items of clothing to become their least cared-for and their least curated part of their wardrobe.

Briefd is here to help.

Now this review is… PANTS!!

image (3)I don’t know about the man in your life but Mr ‘Emma’ (the man in mine), is pretty disgraceful. I admit to hiding his large smalls underneath the bedding on the washing line.

For some unknown reason (his chef’s a**e maybe!), his bloomers tend to wear out on the… undercarriage! These then tend to be worn on the basis of whatever has the smallest holes. Seriously, sometimes they resemble a historic cowboy’s garment, you know, the ones from some Wild West movie.

So naturally, Mr ‘Emma’ leapt  (somewhat awkwardly), at the prospect of some new pants.

The package itself is very discreet. It has the BRIEFD logo on one side and orders ‘Throw away your past-it pants’. It announces it’s ‘A package for your package’.  It teases that a ‘ delightfully debonair pair of undercrackers’ is contained. It’s almost business-like with the tiniest hint at cheekiness. Thereby, making an ideal gift not only for your other half but your brother or friend.. any man in your life that could do with a little assistance.

It’s a very masculine parcel, wrapped in traditional brown paper sealed with red wax. Encapsulated was a super-duper pair of high quality, authentic Calvin Kleins. It was a fabulous and much appreciated treat. Now, I didn’t think Mr Emma’s review of “Nice pants, very comfortable, no hassle” explained the service fully, so I picked it up and ran with it :)

Yes, it’s pricey if you usually reach for a multi-pack in M&S. But this takes any hassle out of it. Rather than ogling men’s pants in a fancy department store, wondering what design he’d prefer, what sort of message it will convey… There’s really no fuss, as long as you know what size he wears. All the brands featured on the website are high quality (Calvin Klein, Bjon Borg, etc.) and retail at approximately £25 per pair.

It’s such a lovely gift idea to update the drawers of the men in your life. It’s simply a subscription service, advising men to chuck out their old pants and replace them with some new stylish pairs. 

This service is also ideal for those guys are intimidated by department stores. They can get new decent pants without stepping out of the house.

 image (1)In addition to the delivery you obtain a code for 25% of your next subscription when you refer a friend.

The subscription is also really quite customisable to the recipient’s style. So, find out what size is needed, then decide on the cut – Briefs, Trunks or Boxers. Then, choose a style from either Classical (muted tones), or Colourful (more flamboyant). There are photos to help!

Choose the length of your subscription (longer subscriptions bring down the monthly price) and that’s it!

Payments are taken on the 1st of the month, boxes are packed & shipped within 2 business days. All boxes include free, 5 day Royal mail delivery.

Monthly subscription: £19.99 per month

3 month subscription: £53.99

6 month subscription: £99.99

12 month subscription: £179.99

None at the moment.

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