• Full-spec beauty products
  • From £25

BoxyCharm is a forward-thinking makeup business that offers five full-spec beauty products every month. These beauty products come with a choice gift and will reach subscribers via door-step delivery.

As an innovative makeup business, BoxyCharm offers a wide range of beauty items, including color cosmetics, skincare essentials, makeup products, and tools. It’s the perfect 5-in-1 box for the beauty product enthusiast.

The Boxycharm Box

Note: Currently, Boxycharm don’t deliver their Boxes directly to the UK, we would recommend you to have a look to the other Beauty Boxes available in the UK, or to use an intermediate service like Planet Express (but it’s expensive, up to $20 per delivery).

For most beauty and makeup lovers, the challenge is staying current with the latest trends. The monthly subscription box from BoxyCharm can make this easy. With their unique selection of hand-picked beauty products, keeping the makeup routine fresh and creative is easy!

A Boxycharm subscriber

What To Expect From A BoxyCharm Subscription?

With the BoxyCharm subscription box, it’s all about value. The company takes time to curate an extensive range featuring the best beauty products.

Typically, the items in their subscription box are usually from reputable or fast-rising beauty brands. The best part is it comes in a handy, travel-size box. Hence, BoxyCharm will help subscribers solve the problem of large makeup boxes.

The kind of products you can find in the Box

With an active subscription, makeup enthusiasts will always have their finger on the pulse. It’s also great for beginners to the beauty and makeup game.

For most women looking to learn about makeup, the overall process can prove overwhelming. With new eyeliner colors and makeup styles out every other day, keeping up is truly difficult.

With BoxyCharm, the idea is to simplify this process. They do this by carefully selecting the latest beauty and makeup products for their boxes.

The quality of the makeup products in this box means looking fabulous is a guarantee. Furthermore, the icing on the cake is that users will always look like the latest trend.

The total value of the products in a BoxyCharm box is usually over $100. With the monthly price of the subscription, it’s an opportunity to save hundreds of dollars.

To make sure users really enjoy the products in a BoxyCharm subscription box, they come with a tutorial. So, for those worried about the complicated application process, this subscription box makes provisions to fit that need. These tutorials are usually detailed and will clear up any questions and confusion users may have.

Finally, with this subscription box, users can only pick one item. Then, they can expect BoxyCharm to customize the remaining products based on individual taste! Amazing, right?

Beauty products in the Box

Why We Like BoxyCharm Subscriptions

Here are some of the reasons we recommend this subscription box:

  • Customization
  • Five full-size beauty products
  • Subscription comes at great value for product prices
  • Useful makeup help and tutorials
  • Top-quality products
  • Diversity in the range of products
  • Cancel subscription anytime

What is The Periodicity of this Subscription?

The BoxyCharm subscription box has a monthly delivery schedule.

Price of the Subscriptions

The price of a BoxyCharm subscription box is $25 per month. Also, payment is non-refundable and will renew automatically. However, subscribers can cancel their subscription whenever they want.

Boxycharm beauty Box

Does BoxyCharm deliver in the UK?

Unfortunately, BoxyCharm does not deliver to the UK. However, there’s a way to get this subscription box in the UK. We’ll discuss this in detail in the next section.

How Can I Get BoxyCharm in the UK?

To get this subscription box, we need to have a US address. For subscribers in the UK, this is impossible. Or is it?

With Planet Express, users can get a US address for shipping purposes. Also, they can consolidate boxes to save more on international shipping.

Simply enter the US address from Planet Express on the BoxyCharm website. The package will be delivered to Planet Express in less than one week. Then, using a preferred shipping method, Planet Express will ship to subscribers in the UK.

What are the alternatives BoxyCharm in the UK?

If you are interested in alternatives to BoxyCharm in the UK, we would recommand Glossybox, Birchbox or FabFitFun.

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  • Full-spec beauty products
  • From £25

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  • Full-spec beauty products
  • From £25