Boxcitement November 2015

Boxcitement November 2015

This box was described as a premium stationary box, with little extra goodies. I wasn’t sure exactly what that meant, but it sounded intriguing!

Boxcitement 1 package Boxcitement 4 Contents

The box was sent out first class. Being a review box I don’t have the exact postage date, but seems pretty good!

It’s in a lovely slim postage box which fits perfectly through the mailbox, which is always handy. Opening was easy; it was sealed with branded paper tape so good and secure and easy to cut through. The tape is lovely, and the whole packaging is only marred by the while mailing label, However that doesn’t matter because these things are obviously, and sensibly, done in bulk. However the fact that the brand name is right on the box is great because you know what it is, and can therefore start to have a little tingle of anticipation…

Boxcitement 3 What s inside...The first thing to see upon opening the box is an introductory ‘menu’, which tells you what you’re going to get, plus a bit of blurb about the theme, which in this case is ‘lift off’.

To be honest, I kind of like having a surprise when I open the box and see what’s inside. It’s certainly helpful to have a list, but I never look at it beforehand (and I’d actually prefer it at the bottom) as I find it spoils the surprise. But that’s purely personal preference. And besides, I don’t actually have to read it before getting to the goodies. And I know there’s a picture of the menu on the unopened tissue, but I took great care not to actually read it.

So now it’s time to tear open the beautiful tissue underneath and see what’s inside. I already know from the size weight that it’s not heavy, and being a stationary box it’s going to be paper-based.

So it looks excellent, like it was all lovingly placed by hand just moments ago, which is pretty good considering the adventures this little box must have had inside the Royal Mail system.

Boxcitement 5 tea KitFirst out, a little cork coaster with a spaceship, an individual teabag, and a pretty patterned wooden spoon (all very eco-friendly) is a lovely little gauze bag. According to the menu it’s perfect for taking an afternoon break. And it certainly is. I’m not sure how disposable the coaster is supposed to be (though the spoon is too pretty to use, my daughter has her beady eye on it for her stuffed animals) but it’s a nice idea to have everything for a cup of tea (minus the mug) right there. And the care taken is very impressive, beautiful detailing.

Boxcitement 6 Ribbon and tapeNext, a 2m strip of ribbon, and two tiny rolls of washi tape. Now, I love wrapping presents beautifully, so these will be snaffled away until Christmas.

Now, a mysterious sealed envelope. As I said before, I like surprises, so I decided to put that one aside for last, and dug out the remaining items: two greetings cards (Birthday and Thank You), and three colour-in postcards and mini Sharpie.

Boxcitement 7 CardsThe cards are lovely, discreetly funky birthday card that could be used for pretty much anyone without being reduced to Hallmark crap, and the postcards had great detailed designs. They all fit in with the ‘lift off’ theme (rockets, dandelion clocks). Apparently the postcards are for ‘mindfulness colouring’. I don’t actually know what that means, but my daughter grabbed one immediately and got stuck in. I would have liked to have done the same but she was hogging the colouring pencils, and besides, I had to start planning supper. The mini Sharpie was a treat (I love little things) and I decided my daughter wasn’t getting her hands on it so it was whisked away into a drawer. I’m sure I’ll find a use for it (if I can every get my hands on those postcards) and if not I shall simply enjoy it in its miniature perfection.

Boxcitement 8 colouring

And finally, on to the enticingly sealed envelope. Oh, this was just my favourite thing. The other bits are very nice, beautiful and thoughtful and all that, but this was AWESOME.

Boxcitement 9 Gorgous necklace!A gorgeous necklace, which was laser-engraved birch wood in the shape of two wings.

Now, I don’t really wear jewellery (except for wedding and anniversary rings, and an awful lots of ear piercings) – I got out of the habit of wearing necklaces after having a baby as the risk factor of little hands grabbing and inadvertently garrotting me, or less dramatically, breaking the necklace, was far too high. Also, I’m about as unglamorous as it gets, and my entire wardrobe is made up of jeans and tops.

BUT this necklace really appealed. So much so, in fact, that I put it on. I actually put on a necklace for the first time in nearly five years. And it looked great! I was wearing a plain grey top and jeans, but it managed to dress it up without being at all showy or obvious. It looks classy, unusual, and fun. I’ve even provided a picture.

The presentation was beautifull, very thoughtful and elegant. Great style, lovely packaging, and would make a beautiful gift as well. I like that the mailing box was the box itself, as it’s always nice to have less crap to clear away! Having the contents hiding behind tissue is perfect.

And the contents? Just gorgeous! A nice selection of things that are useful and still feel like treats. Which is, I think, the point of these kinds of things. So that alone was worth the box. Of course I’d not have been impressed if that had been the only thing it contained, but my goodness it was a wonderful thing to save for last.

A one-off box costs £20 inc P&P. It’s a little tricky to work out the value of the contents, because they are exclusive to the company. But, I can estimate. The postage (1st class) is £1.26. Two nice greetings cards probably go for around £2.50 each, the postcards the same, and you can get four mini Sharpies for a fiver, so say £1.25 for the one. The little tea kit is trickier, as it looks rather like it could be a stocking filler or wedding favour. But I reckon perhaps £2.50 again, if buying already made up.  As for the necklace, while the chances of me buying jewellery are slim, I’d consider it a ridiculous bargain for a tenner, which is what the remaining cost of the box would be taking all the above into account. I’d certainly say closer to £20, so all in all you get a great deal on this box just for the necklace alone!

Subscriptions work out cheaper still, but if this is representative of the future contents it’s very good indeed.

Overall it’s a very interesting idea, having some lovely little stationary-type bits plus a nice present (for yourself) that you can actually keep, because with the exception of the ribbon, everything is disposable. So I think the inclusion of the necklace (or whatever will be in future boxes) is genius, as it ensures a keepsake, something tangible that you’ve spent money on. Overall I think it’s excellent value.

Click to read Boxcitement description.

£15-20 depending on length of subscription

FREE UK shipping; £5 Europe, £6 rest of world.

Use code ‘ALLBOXES’ for 10% off any purchase

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