Bokksu: Discover Japan Through Snacks – Bokksu Birthday May 2021

Bokksu is the only Japanese snack box that sources directly from snack makers in Japan, so many of our artisanal products cannot be found anywhere else. Start your cultural journey through Japan by subscribing to Bokksu and receiving a curated box of premium Japanese snacks and teas delivered to your door every month.

They have two levels of subscription: the Tasting, which is smaller, and the one I have received, The Classic. Subscriptions are prepaid for one, three, six, or twelve months.For the Classic box they work out at $39 (around £30), $37, $35 , and $33 per month.As usual, they are priced in dollars, so GBP conversion is according to today’s exchange rate. Obviously this will vary, but it gives you some idea of cost.

This month is a special one for Bokksu, because they are marking their 5th birthday!

They’re presenting goodies from some of the less well-known parts of Japan, as well as showcasing some favourites of the Bokksu staff. The menu booklet gives the usual excellent information, from the geographical origins of each item to the descriptive menu including an allergy guide.

Jaga Choco Potato Chips. 

This item is only in the Classic box, and while you might think that the combination of crisps and chocolate is unusual, it works perfectly. The salty crunchy potato chips actually go perfectly with the smooth chocolate for a real sweet and salty flavour sensation.

Puku Puku Tai and Happy Turn Rice Crackers

Taiyaki are a very popular street food, a fish-shaped pastry filled with red bean paste. This crunchy sweet is based on the shape, but is filled instead with a bubbly strawberry-flavoured chocolate filling.

The little bags of rice crackers have a buttery and slightly sweet taste, a lovely light snack, and this brand has been around since the 70s.

Marugoto Kajitsu and Mitarashi Dango Mochi

Bokksu frequently includes premium gummies in their box. This month’s version are flavoured with 100% real fruit juice, in a delicious combination of white peach and green muscat grape. They’re delicious, and you can really tell that the flavours are genuine.

These mochi – chewy rice cakes made with glutinous rice flour – are inspired by the grilled skewered mochi that come with a sweet soy glaze. This version puts those flavours in the soft filling.

Amaou Strawberry & Milk Langue de Chat Cookie and Momoyama

Langue de Chat cookies are very popular in Japan, though the Japanese version is a thin cookie sandwich with a creamy filling. This version contains strawberry from Fukuoka, with a strawberry cookie and white chocolate and strawberry cream filling.

Momoyama are a traditional Japanese confection which is made from white bean paste, sugar, and egg yolk which is mixed with flour and baked. It’s rather like a cross between a little bun or cake and a cookie.

Mini Red Bean Crackers and Otona no Otsumami: Ebi Crunch

These sweet little cookies actually have a thin filling of red bean paste, which adds a subtle note of earthy sweetness.

Curry is the flavour of these light and crunchy rice crackers. The mild sweetness of the soy coating is complemented by the addition of pepper, garam masala, and curry powder.

Shinsu Apple Rabbit Manu and Seaweed Tempura: Setouchi Olive and Wine Vinegar

These adorable little cookies are filled with and apple and white bean paste, using apples from Nagano Prefecture. They’re also shaped like a rabbit!

The savory seaweed snack is tempura-fried nori leaves which are then coated with olive oil and wine vinegar. This flavour combination represents the Inland Sea, which is a body of water that connects the Sea of Japan to the Pacific.

The Sable: Uji Matcha with Nama Choco and Hoshino Matcha Latte

Like the langue de chat, the Sable originated in France but the Japanese have put their own unique twist on it. It contains a rich chocolate filling and the cookie itself is baked with matcha tea powder for a bittersweet contrast.

This month’s drink is a super fast way to make a delicious matcha latte. You can add it to hot or cold water to comfort or refresh with the bitter and creamy combination of matcha and milk.

Our score: 9.8/ 10

There's a great selection this month but my favourite is definitely the chocolate potato chips! I've had them before, and I'm always blown away at how something that sounds so crazy can be so delicious. Also particularly delicious are the curry rice crackers, which would go beautifully with beer, and the delicious mochi. Bokkso always does a wonderful job of sourcing interesting candies and interesting flavours, with a great combination of the traditional and modern. This is a great box to discover flavours of Japan, and even if you are familiar with them, you will always be surprised by something. Happy birthday Bokksu, here's to the next five delicious years!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

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