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Bobalife Bubble Tea Subscription Box : Bubble Tea is a Taiwanese beverage that is fast gaining popularity all around the world. Although claimed to have been invented in the 1980s, Bubble Tea has now become a popular beverage in Europe and beyond, with several varieties now available. If you love bubble tea, Bobalife’s subscription box offers you a chance to get a monthly supply of bubble tea kits at fantastic rates.

With several years in the business, Bobalife has gained a reputation for being one of the best choices in the Bubble Tea business. From sourcing for only top-quality ingredients to inventing amazing recipes, Bobalife has managed to win the hearts of bubble tea lovers over the past few years.

From flavoured powders, Fruit flavoured Bobas, and Fruit flavoured syrups, etc. Bobalife offers an exciting array of varieties when it comes to bubble tea. The Bobalife subscription box gives you an opportunity to enjoy these varieties of bubble tea throughout your subscription.

What Do You Get from the Bobalife Subscription Box?

Being experts in the production of bubble tea, subscription to the Bobalife bubble tea makes you entitled to a monthly supply of bubble tea kits. These kits come in different varieties every month, so you can always look forward to a novel bubble tea experience every month.

Also, due to Bobalife’s commitment to growing the ‘bubble tea lovers’ community’, the brand shares knowledge on methods of sourcing for quality ingredients. Bobalife also shares information on the necessary tools to make your bubble tea to shop quality right from the comfort of your home. This way, you can enjoy bubble tea at home whenever you want to.
Pricing and Packages

The Bobalife subscription comes in four packages.

The Monthly Package

Get a Bobalife bubble tea box once a month. The box would contain a handpicked selection of ingredients and recipes. This package contains enough ingredients for ten drinks and most times, an exclusive gift to add to your bubble tea tool kit. The bubble tea variety included in the box is a monthly surprise. But you can always look forward to a thrilling experience.
If you are only looking to try out bubble tea and would love a subscription box, then this is the package for you.

The package is offered at £24.50 / month

The 3-month package

This package allows you to enjoy monthly boxes containing handpicked bubble tea ingredients and recipes from Bobalife. You can subscribe for the 3-month box at £75.00 / 3 months

The 6-month package

Rather than a monthly or 3-month billing is billed every 6 months. Once you subscribe to this package, you can continue enjoying your monthly supply of Bubble kit boxes for the next six months.
This subscription package costs £140.00 / 6 months

The Annual Package

This package allows you to enjoy an uninterrupted supply of bubble tea kits for 12 months. As mentioned, the kit contains all the ingredients and recipes you need to start enjoying bubble tea right from you home. This Bobalife subscription box package costs £240.00 / 12 months.

Note that all packages can be cancelled at any point and Bobalife offers free delivery in the UK when you spend £50.

How To Subscribe

The subscription process for Bobalife bubble tea packages is very easy and straightforward.

  • Select the package you want.
  • Go on to make payment.
  • Start receiving your bubble tea kit boxes.

Why choose Bobalife subscription boxes?

Most lovers of Bubble tea often relish the opportunity to enjoy the beverage without a need to visit any tea shop. Bobalife subscription boxes offer this. This is what makes these packages valuable for lovers of bubble tea.

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  • Bubble Tea
  • From £24.50



  • Bubble Tea
  • From £24.50