Bella & Duke

  • Natural Dog Food
  • From £29.99

Bella & Duke Raw Food offers a range of proteins and flavors to ensure that your pet enjoys every meal. Their food is packed full of nutrition and tailored to your pet to give them exactly what they need. With deliveries straight to your door, you can spend more time having fun with your best friend.

Raw Food Tailored to Your Pet’s Needs

At Bella & Duke, they believe that every pet is unique, which is why they customize each meal plan to suit your pet’s individual needs. Their food is made from natural, biologically appropriate ingredients that can help support the overall health and well-being of your pet. You can choose from a range of options, including raw dog food, raw puppy food, senior dog food, raw cat food, raw kitten food, and senior cat food.

RawSAFE Accredited

Bella & Duke is RawSAFE accredited, which means that their food is manufactured to the highest safety standards. You can trust that their food is safe and nutritious for your pet.

Pet Wellness Hub

If you need expert help to support you in giving your pet a life well loved, Bella & Duke has a pet wellness hub that provides expert advice on nutrition, health, and behavior for both dogs and cats.

Join the Community

Join Bella & Duke’s Facebook group, “The Pack,” to talk all things dog, cat, and overall pet wellbeing. You can enjoy some fun content and ask their experts any questions you have.

Customize Your Pet’s Plan

Every pet is unique, and Bella & Duke understands that. They will ask you a few simple questions to get started, such as your pet’s age, weight, and activity levels, and create a personalized meal plan specific to your pet’s needs.

Delivered to Your Door

Bella & Duke delivers your pet’s new food to your front door for free. Their frozen food is packed with dry ice to keep it chilled nicely. If you’re not in, the box can be left in a safe place.

Defrost, Feed & See the Difference!

Raw feeding is simple once you get into a routine. When your box arrives, pop the trays straight into the freezer. Leave one tray in the fridge to defrost before feeding. Your pet’s food will last in your fridge for four days once defrosted.

The Story & Customer Commitment

Bella & Duke cares deeply about pet health and well-being, challenging the status quo so that pet-centered, species-appropriate nutrition becomes the natural choice for every pet owner. They came to be in honor of four deeply loved family dogs who inspired their founders to create a better, healthier diet for pets. At Bella & Duke, they are committed to helping your pet have not just a life well lived but a life well loved.

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Bella & Duke

  • Natural Dog Food
  • From £29.99

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Bella & Duke

  • Natural Dog Food
  • From £29.99