The Barky Box: Treats & Toys for Dogs & Cats

Pet subscription boxes are hugely popular as we all love to treat our beloved furry friends, so I was very excited to have my dogs try out their first ever pet subscription box from The Barky Box. The Barky Box sends you a mixed box of pet treats and toys every month which can include items such as healthy treats, eco-friendly products, toys and accessories. For each box purchased, The Barky Box donates £1 to animal charities who help less fortunate animals around the world which was really nice to see.

The contents are a surprise each time, but when you sign up, you’re able to fill out a questionnaire so that The Barky Box can choose products that are suitable for your pets – it’s like a specially curated box just for your fur babies! Boxes are available for both cats and dogs, and they are able to select products which are suitable for all ages, needs and sizes.

These are my two dogs; Chloe, an 8-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Toby, a 5-year-old Rottweiler. Both of these dogs are a typical ‘power chewers’, but other than that, they don’t have any specific needs or dietary requirements, so I was curious to see what The Barky Box would choose for them!

When The Barky Box arrived I was thrilled to see this little sticker on the side with their names on – what a cute touch for their personalised box! Everything inside was carefully wrapped in tissue paper and all the products arrived in perfect condition.

Let’s take a look inside!

Barkers of Suffolk Iced Dog Biscuits

The first product that I pulled out of the box was a bag containing two iced dog biscuits from Barkers of Suffolk – a special canine bakery, patisserie and chocolatier. These biscuits are made from premium ingredients that include Wholemeal Flour, Free Range Eggs and Natural Food Colourings and they look good enough for humans to eat! The biscuits were devoured very quickly by my two dogs (they were gone so fast that I couldn’t get a photo!) so they must have been very tasty!

Soopa Sweet Potato 100% Fruit & Veg Dog Chews

Suitable for dogs of all sizes, these 100% natural dog chews are made from just 100% Sweet Potato which is naturally rich in Beta-Carotene, Vitamins A, C, B6 & E and high in Anti-Oxidants, Dietary Fibre and Potassium. They’re also low in calories and a great treat to help keep your dogs’ teeth strong and healthy.

Toby and Chloe loved these and I was particularly happy that they were 100% natural, so these were a definite winner!

Pet Munchies 100% Natural Dog Treats Chicken Dumbbells

The next set of treats come from a brand called Pet Munchies, and this bag contained their Chicken Dumbbells. Described as a premium gourmet snack that’s baked to perfection, these treats are 100% natural, have no artificial additive or preservatives and are wheat and gluten free. They’re made from Chicken Breast & Rawhide, are low in fat and high in protein.

As soon as I opened the pack, they must have been able to smell the Chicken or something because they both went crazy for these. I liked the smaller sizes which are great to give as little treats throughout the day or as rewards for training.

Lily’s Kitchen The Famous Bedtime Biscuits

This beautifully illustrated box of treats is from Lily’s Kitchen and contained a bag of her popular Bedtime Biscuits. These 100% natural and certified organic baked biscuits are made with Honey, Probiotic Yoghurt, Chamomile and Passion Flowers and have been specially formulated to help your dog get a good night’s sleep thanks to the calming ingredients. My dogs don’t have any problems with sleeping, but I can see these being useful around Bonfire Night, or for puppies to help them to sleep. Regardless, my dogs still enjoyed eating them!

Billy & Margot Venison Chew Sticks for Dogs

The last pack of treats were from a UK brand called Billy & Margot and this bag contained 6 Venison Chew Sticks. They’re made from 100% air-dried British Venison Meat and are free from artificial flavours and colours.

These were quite smelly, but they must have smelt amazing to the dogs as they were both drooling when I opened the bag! I really liked that these sticks were quite thick, so they were a good substantial treat to give to my power chewer dogs. They were begging for more after the first stick was gone!

Earth Rated Poop Bags

Although not as exciting as a bag of treats, poop bags are an essential purchase for any dog owner and you can never have enough of them. These ones from Earth Rated are made from eco-friendly, recycled plastic and come in a handy container that you can attach to handbags or leads so you’re never caught short when you’re out on walkies.

Happy Tails Loonies Bee Dog Toy

The last product in The Barky Box was a dog toy from Happy Tails. This bumble bee toy features ‘chew armour’, durable zigzag stitching and a strong mesh fabric to be able to sustain a ‘moderate’ amount of roughhousing from your dog. The head and back felt strong but soft, and the middle section has a fluffy covering, with the head area containing a squeaker.

Chloe doesn’t care much for toys unless they have food in them, so I gave this one to Toby who immediately took it to his bed as he does with all of his toys. He chewed and pulled on the wings and legs quite a lot and I was surprised to see that these stayed on.

However, when his attention shifted to the head where the squeaker was (he loves squeakers!), he started to gnaw at the side and managed to rip a hole in it within less than 5 minutes which caused the stuffing to come out. I had to take it off him to remove the stuffing, but he’s still been playing with the rest of the body and carrying it around the house!

Our score: 9.2/ 10

My dogs loved The Barky Box and there was a really great variety of high quality, natural treats included. The poop bags were a good little extra too! The only slight downside was the toy as it wasn't made specifically for power chewer dogs, despite mentioning this on the questionnaire that they needed robust and sturdy toys, but other than that, this box gets a big paws up!

  • Quality of products9
  • Originality8
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products9

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The Barky Box

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The Barky Box

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