Banjo Robinson – Morocco

If your children like reading about world adventure, Banjo Robinson the travelling cat is the perfect penpal!

Banjo’s latest adventure has taken him to Morocco. 

The beautifully illustrated letter includes plenty of interesting information about the country, and of course fun anecdotes about the different animals he meets on his travels.

Each letter has personal touches beyond the child’s name. When you subscribe, you include extra details about the recipient, such as pets as favorite foods. Letters frequently include these, which give an extra dimension to Banjo’s letters.

You can even add your own PS to each letter. This is the perfect way for parents to include messages specific to each child beyond those normally included, for example to congratulate the child on a particular achievement, or  even to remind them of something they need to do! The premise is that a local cat collects the child’s reply and send it on to Banjo, and as we all know, cats are very good at noticing what is going on, and will pass it on to Banjo.

And as Banjo is a penpal, the idea is that the child writes back!

This return letter is made very easy by including a special piece of paper and envelope for the child to write their reply. There is even a sheet of Cat Mail stamps and stickers.

Banjo’s letters often include questions and prompts for letter-writing, as well as suggestions for pictures to draw for him. Any child will be inspired to write their own letter back to Banjo, not least because of the novelty of posting it under the sofa! This is how the local cat collects the letters to pass on. Of course parents sneak out the letter when they can, and so will have a lovely collection of letters their child has written to Banjo, which will make a fantastic keepsake in years to come.

Banjo also includes some extra goodies in his letters. There’s a map picture with trivia and questions, a sheet of colouring that references his stories, and a recipe card.




Our score: 10.0/ 10

Banjo's letters are so very charming, and are such a simple and wonderful thing for children to enjoy. They promote creativity and literacy, and are the perfect antidote to the electronic age. The two week span between letters is the perfect amount of time, close enough to keep their interest up, but not so close that it starts to feel like a chore to be writing back. As for the price, it's fantastic value from only a fiver a month, which for two letters is a total bargain! For the ultimate low-tech and high imagination surprise for children, Banjo Robinson is the best!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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Banjo Robinson

  • Kids aged 4-8
  • From £9.99

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Banjo Robinson

  • Kids aged 4-8
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