• Personalised Nutrition
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abnormal.® is a subscription box delivering personalised complete meal shakes to your door. Each meal contains the ideal amount of protein, fats, carbs, vitamins and minerals for the individual, plus a range of ingredients with very personalised health benefits. The customised recipe is matched to the needs of you, and are fast becoming the new way to consume healthy food on the go. Let’s face it, one size fits all doesn’t cut it in the modern world. When it comes to your health and wellbeing, you need food that is tailored to you – not the other way around!

How abnormal.® works

You can get your personalised shakes delivered straight to your door in a few simple steps:

  • Fill out a three-minute online questionnaire about your diet, health and lifestyle.
  • Pick your favourite flavours, including Strawberry Sundae, Banana Milkshake, Chocolate Swirl and Vanilla Cream.
  • Using clever algorithms, abnormal.® will create a unique formula blend based on your questionnaire answers.
  • Your abnormal.® meals will be delivered straight to your door.
  • When your lifestyle changes, re-take the analysis and your abnormal.® meals will re-sync to you

What to expect in your abnormal.® box

abnormal. are so confident you’ll love your subscription, they’re offering a trial box free for you to try, worth £23.98, just use code FREE at checkout.


You’ll start your abnormal.® journey with seven personalised complete meals. You’ll also receive a personalised booklet explaining everything about your meal, and an abnormal.® shaker, all for absolutely free. Just pay £4.99 delivery with your exclusive promo code.


After your trial, abnormal.® will ask you to choose your flavours for your first 30 meal subscription box. To say thank you, abnormal.® include a free limited edition abnormal.® tee worth £19.99 with your first subscription box. abnormal.® will debit your chosen payment method £59.99 (less than £2 per meal), with delivery of subscription boxes is free of charge.

Why abnormal.® is right for you


abnormal.® is the first product of its kind to consider allergies and intolerances, as well as dairy, vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian options. Each abnormal.® meal comes with a unique level of benefits to support your body’s needs and health considerations. For example, if your results show you’re feeling lacklustre during the day, abnormal.® adds Coenzyme Q10 and MCTs to boost your energy levels.


Your abnormal.® meals come in paper-based, single serve sachets, meaning you no longer need a plastic scoop to measure your portions. Taking just 30 seconds to make by adding water and 30 seconds to clear away, it’s made for those on the go, meaning there’s no excuses to miss a meal through a busy day.


abnormal.®’s  subscription box is designed to be super easy to manage and with no long term commitments. Because everyone is different, it’s entirely up to you how often you want your abnormal.® meals delivered. The choice is yours. As standard, your subscription will renew every 30 days. However, your smart subscription allows you to bring forward, push back or pause at any time.


Perfectly portioned for no food waste, each abnormal.® meal comes in paper-based sachets. The box even uses an innovative design that requires no adhesive in its construction. As well as building towards a zero food waste economy, abnormal.® is also determined to fight the global hunger crisis by donating to the worldwide hunger charity, Share The Meal, each time a subscription box is sent out.

Review of abnormal.®

Here is a review we recevied from an abnormal.® cutsomer :

“Fitting Abnormal into my lifestyle couldn’t be easier, I’m a single dad and a business owner so time is always a big problem there just never seems to be enough! Before I started using Abnormal shakes I often went for ready made meal deals. Now meal prep is as simple as choosing which flavour shake to have and grabbing my shaker.

Not only has using Abnormal helped me to save time so I can focus on what’s important to me but it’s also saved me money, I was spending on average £7 a day on lunches whilst at work now just 1 shake is enough and costs around £2.

The transition from junk and takeaways for lunch to Abnormal shakes was actually much easier than expected too. I’ve tried other similar products in the past and have either not enjoyed the flavour, the texture or they’ve just not left me feeling satisfied. Abnormal is the first shake that has ticked every box. The flavours are great, the texture is smooth and actually comparable to a normal milkshake and I don’t feel like snacking afterwards. It just works for me and my lifestyle, meal prep is 30 seconds, I get a tasty and filling option I save money and I know I’m getting a good balance of Vitamins and minerals as well.”

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  • Personalised Nutrition
  • From £4.99

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  • Personalised Nutrition
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