Infinity Crates

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Are you looking for a perfect gift idea? If yes then Infinitycrate is what you need. Infinity Crate is an ideal place for you to find the best set of interesting stuffs that will make someone happy. As a matter of fact, if you have some interest then Infinitycrate is all you need to do.

It would be just easy to get the best items from Infinitycrate. It would just require one to apply and register in just three simple steps. This is an amazing means on how you would be able to acquire the best items that you needed. Through this way you can ale to receive a customized items and tees.


The first thing to do is to choose your plan and complete the profile. It is very significant if you will be able to select or fill the areas that interest you most or for the person you prefer to give a gift. This is an ideal aspect that you have to instill in mind in order to select a customized items.

Second step to remember , each month Infinitycrate is offering several items in which can be a great option to give you the right choice to get the best services that you need. After this you will then get a confirmation email that your crate is already being delivered. Do not forget to share it on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. This is how you will be able to acquire the best items that you need. There’s nothing you can ask for with Infinitycrate.

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Infinity Crates

  • Geek personalised

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  • Minneh

    Unreliable, I paid the extra money for the promise of a personalised t-shirt and pop, which also suggests that you may receive 2 t-shirts of pops – I never got two t-shirts or two pops and often the majority of the box (including often both the t-shirt and pop) did not meet my specifications – when I raised this they told me to add more interests, I updated my interests regularly to make sure they were as comprehensive as possible – would not recommend

  • Romanescu Laura Sinziana

    I just got my first Infinity Crates box today – the box has good quality items and the price is good – I got 1 t-shirt, 1 spider man pop, 1 motorcycle set to build, 1 small superman figurine and 1 set of stationery for kids, Disney licensed – Toy story. Again, all the items were great quality – the t-shirt was to big for my child but this is not a problem, we will keep for the future. The thing that not convinced me is that the items don’t meet my interests – my child don’t like super heroes or spider mad – the pop was cute and he enjoyed but he expected something from his interests. I will give a try another month and update again the interests – and t-shirt size :).

  • huffingtonpants

    Got charged two months in a row for a ‘t-shirt only one month’ box. So they illegally took money from my Paypal without authorisation. Plus, neither of the boxes I’ve been charged for have turned up, they haven’t contacted me and they haven’t answered any emails in the past two weeks. Avoid this company, they are a shoddy mess.

  • shads

    this company isn’t great, i ordered the premium crate and i got exactly the same stuff as the standard crate as a friend got it and we compared. and the items inside were not personalized to me, infinity crate is good in concept and a utter utter failure in execution.

  • Dumpalot Apops

    This company sucks. The content of the boxes is average. The customer service is absolutely abismal. I bought the premium box plus 3 random tee’s. the tee’s never arrived and when I chased it up was told to wait longer. I’ve now opened case and they’re reply was I should have opened a case soon. Great work guy!

  • KushalaDaora

    Great box, paid £27 and had 2 pop vinyls, 2 t-shirts as well as some other bits! One of the best companies I have used, will be sticking around for more.

  • Gem Louise

    Amazing box! Had a POP and t-shirt as well as other little bits. I could tell they looked at the interests I had entered as I received a Strangers Things tee which was awesome! :D
    Customer service is awesome and definitely worth a subscription.

Infinity Crates

  • Geek personalised